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Whats everyones beef with corsas nowadays?

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  • Whats everyones beef with corsas nowadays?

    Is it just me that's finding it depressing that corsa's are regarded so low in the world? I've just bought mine to relive being 18 but they're cracking little cars. Seems everyone looks down their nose at them even on wellknown corsa related websites :/

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    Haters gotta hate. Two of my mates were like why get a Corsa get a Focus... Both of which is never out the garage so no thanks.

    I think the focus is uglier. Rear Fogs upset me a bit. The new one /up market one looks mint though. But yeah, total personal preference and the fact I've never owned one I can't say much about them.

    There is also the bad rep new drivers get. Bad rep due to chavs (they all drive Corsas and saxos apparently).

    Ignore them though, people saying and thinking something is crap and usually without the knowledge to know so.

    All cars have problems, and not all drivers are same so it's quite mental.

    The foundations of the Corsa are just like many other small cars, it doesn't look bad either, I've seen worse.
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      Having owned a focus and corsa focus is much better, still love corsa's though


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        Of course a hater is going to hate, that's te most retarded phrase of te 21st century, if a hater loved, then he/she wouldn't be a hater...

        Meh, people know I'm into cars, ask what car I have. I tell them it's a corsa, they instantly build a stereotype in their heads and move on, I can't be arsed explaining otherwise.
        I do agree though

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        People on here do the same with Saxo's and French cars in general too


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          Lol not disputing that a hater is a lover. Don't want a debate rage thread

          But it's true. They hate. Dw about it.

          It's easier for you Vegas as you can't say your car isn't cool, your beast to Corsa ratio is beast heavy
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            The Corsa B is rubbish compared to a lot of other cars, but it's simple, cheap and fun to drive.
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              Fully agree with the above.

              TBH as cars they're pretty ****, but as run arounds or first cars they're perfect


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                A decent specced corsa is a cracking little car.
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