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    I've been doing some light reading on healthier eating because of how bad my heart burn has got recently and my diet is terrible the now
    I know we have the gym thread but that's mostly about protein rich diets for bulking up

    I'm finding a lot of it confusing, especially when it comes around to stuff with different opinions.

    I.e oils to use for frying / eating cold
    To choose natural oils or manufactured ones
    Butter or margarine

    The other thing that's getting me is stuff like free radials, what types of fats we should avoid ect.

    Trying to replace a lot of bad carbs just now with good carbs from wholegrain sources, but they taste pretty bad sometimes.
    Water instead of fizzy juice
    Lean meats like chicken and fish instead of beef
    And lots of fruit n veg
    Struggling though so i have some cheat days but hoping to cut that down to 1 a week

    Anyone got any knowledge on this as well

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    I tend to browse here for info.
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      Men's Health do a really good book Tam that has a breakdown of the main food types and their pros/cons. I started by reading that and it helped me swap out a lot of **** I ate.
      I love veg though so for me it's easy to get healthy meals in. In fact at the moment I'm doing a beef casserole that is literally just loads of chopped veg, beef, beef stock, and some herbs. Should get 2 meals out of that. That's 2 healthy meals less I need to worry about.
      You can get it in .pdf form too if you search the right places
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        I've got loads of opinions on this.

        I believe the healthiest thing is eating what we evolved to eat.

        Meat, nuts, vegetables and fruits.

        Olive oil or lard.

        Meat is the biggest staple of my diet, mainly lean meat however I also eat beef, lamb and fish. With vegetables for every meal.
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          Originally posted by Tim View Post
          I believe the healthiest thing is eating what we evolved to eat.
          Good point Tim, but Tescos is clean out of Mammoth at the moment.
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            Tesco *