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    How do you guys find jobs? I'm looking for other jobs and don't know where to look! Are there any that are aimed at IT people?

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    I uploaded my cv to a few websites and got head hunted
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      I don't want to do that, I want to find the job myself rather than people try to match me. I've been head hunted before and didn't like it so much.


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        loads of websites out there. bang your CV on them and they email jobs that match your criteria


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          I know you guys are saying websites, but a few examples would be lovely

          I've never done this before, I'm starting off with no knowledge


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            Reed (has one click apply - its a job site)
            Jobsite (has one click apply - its a job site)
            Indeed (Is a job search engine, and finds a lot of duplicates as ads are placed on various job sites, can also support 1 click apply for some though).
            Fish4jobs (think its ****)
            monster (think its ****).

            Oilcareers for oil company based jobs, linkedin gets mentioned a lot but dont think it did me any good. I think I sent out 100's of job applications for about 3-4 interviews. Most of my failings back then were down to transport but that isnt a problem for you I guess been part of this forum

            As for IT specific job sites, I did come across one but it was pointless as I recall and I cant remember its name to be honest, your more likely to find IT specific recruitment agencies/head hunters who usually find IT people (and they still post job listings all over the place).
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              Cheers peeps


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                give your CV to a proper recruitment company, not just a general website, where itll get lost.