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  • The PC Hardware & PC Gaming Thread

    I just noticed we don't have one of these in the new forum so creating a new thread for it.

    Noticed someone i used to work with was selling this PC on a Facebook gaming group. Bought it for one of my friends (selling it to them the price i got it)
    This is the receipt from when the dude built it. Only difference is it's running 1 x HD instead of 2 now.
    Bargain for £150

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    Bargain .. I don't have a pc anymore need to get one


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      I'm pricing up an upgrade build to my rig at the moment, will post it up when I get back on proper pc.
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        Mine's still running like a dream, especially with this new card.
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          Might build/buy a HTPC for the living room at some point, with enough juice to play games as well.
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            I was previously getting help from you guts when allcorsa was up for a new build :") I finally built a computer under the price of £200, and so far haven't encountered a game that run's slowly on it! I am currently running at a normal stable clock of 3.9GHZ on all 6 cores, NB and DRAM Speeds have been taken down a notch to compensate and also added a little voltage to the CPU to stop it locking up as soon as I demand the power. Theres much more room for overclocking as these processors can run stable at about 60-70C, Graphics card is stock clocked and Even a tincy amount of overclocking will make the card produce green pixels everywhere so the card can go no higher. The motherboard is a an amazing pick, I has the decision of the board I have or the MSI 970A-G46, But this mobo was proven to go to **** quite quickly, but my ASROCK as ASROCK reliability and it's much better at handling overclocking.

            Only thing I really need to upgrade on is my Hardrives, But they can wait, But I may even consider going CrossFire with another HD 7770.

            Case:PGS V £20 (Brand new)
            Motherboard: ASROCK Extreme 3 R.20 £70 (Brand new)
            Processor: AMD FX 6100 6 core Unlocked 3.3GHz £25 (Ebay deal "A used processor" from spain, no problems whatsoever)
            RAM: ADATA G Series 1600MHz 2x2GB £15 (Extremely cheap deal on amazon)
            Graphics Card: Power Colour HD 7770 £30 (Used, with no problems whatsoever)
            Powersupply: Corsair CX600M Modular powersupply (80plus Bronze) £55 (Brand new)
            CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper TX3 EVO x 2 90mm fans £15 (Already had)
            1x Rear exhaust fan (Came with case)
            2x 150gb basic HDD, In desperate need of upgrade and more storage.. keep having to delete old game :'( (Already had)

            Some photos:
            /IMAG0804_zpsd3d0b7f7.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0807_zpse7b1b3b8.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0806_zpsb915c407.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0809_zps262cd607.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0812_zps382095be.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0824_zps0fe37d00.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /IMAG0828_zps333d20ef.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /Untitled111_zps01a655dd.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            Also Got myself a new steering wheel:
            /IMAG0977_zps4751a6af.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket
            If anybody plays LFS feel free to add me (regfo) I'm usually playing on Cargame S2 server.

            And some game screenshots:

            /BioShockInfinite2013-07-1023-31-33-50_zps65238721.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /BioShockInfinite2013-07-1112-27-23-32_zps941ead8c.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /farcry3_d3d112013-08-0315-15-16-65_zps3f99e900.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /Crysis32013-08-2223-04-33-13_zpsf4008d34.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /arma2oa2013-07-1819-37-12-15_zpsb2e118b1.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /NFS132013-08-2222-44-16-31_zpsb972275e.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /TESV2013-08-2222-55-06-20_zps22e778af.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            /TombRaider2013-07-1016-48-21-92_zpsab681fc5.png.html]"]Error | Photobucket

            Also play some other games:
            Guild Wars 2
            World of Warcraft
            Metro 2033 Last Light
            Sleeping Dogs


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              just a quick question, are you gaming at 1024x768???
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                I have tried on a friends 1920x1080 screen and get about a 15FPS drop depending on the game.


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                  The PC Hardware &amp; PC Gaming Thread

                  under 200 .. Cool


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                    Nice PC for the price, especially the processor. Nice overclock as well.
                    Another 4gb of ram would compliment it i think.


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                      I mentioned the other day I was pricing up a build to replace my aging box. Specs shown below, subject to change though as theres a couple of bits I'm undecided on still..

                      Intel i5-3570k
                      (the Ivy Bridge successor to the ever popular Sandy Bridge i5-2500k, excellent overclocker due to K stepping, and 3.4Ghz out of the box)

                      ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 motherboard
                      (Z77 for good overclock possibilities, ASRock Fatal1ty boards seem to come highly recommended these days)

                      16Gb Corsair Vengance 1600Mhz CL9
                      (went for fairly good latency RAM here too, previous to this was CL11, the XMS3 stuff)

                      nVidia GTX670 OC
                      (possibly may change this for something else, but this is the likely candidate to stay within budget)

                      OCZ Vertex4 (450series) 128Gb SSD
                      (The Vertex4 came out top in its budget class in benchmarks, to be used for OS, and game files)

                      Seagate 1Tb Barracuda
                      (just to bump file storage up a bit)

                      And thats about all I should be buying, plus 2 sata dvd-rw drives too, as mine in here are IDE (eeeew). But they are like £15 each, not a big cost. PSU I should be using my current one as it was only bought 6months ago, ish. Coolermaster 600w Silent Pro M. And I'll put it all in my current case too, Thermaltake Soprano.

                      Opinions?? It's a refresh upgrade more than an outright power build. It's built with the aim to go SLi in the future (as I did with my current system, 2 x 8800GTS's in SLi), hence the card choice at the moment, the 670's price to performance ratio seems to sit nicely in the middle, making it easy for me to SLi in the future, but not break the bank at the moment, but equally, right now, a single GTX670 can handle most things at decent settings.

                      All in it's around £760, should do for a few years.
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                        Think thats the CPU i got when I built mine a bout a year ago. Does the job well. Similar RAM to me also - I got Corsa Vengance / or whatever the low profile version was as tight-fit. Not sure about board but also got a ASROCK Z something and a 250GB Samsung SSD and 1TB Samsung Spinpoint.

                        Graphics is a HD 8730 or something, could be 9 but really not sure.

                        EDIT : GFX was way off lol.
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                          Got my specs now;

                          Intel CPU i5-3570K @ 3.40ghz
                          Case: Antec 302
                          Memory: Corsair Vengeance® Low Profile — 16GB Dual/Quad Channel DDR3 Memory Kit (CML16GX3M4A1600C9)
                          Mainboard: AsRock Z77 Extreme4
                          GFX: AMD Radeon HD 7850
                          SSD: 250GB samsung
                          HDD: 1TB Samsung spinpoint.

                          Air cooling, as water cooling just isnt needed for me. No overclocking, also not needed.

                          ]"]Error | Photobucket
                          ]"]Error | Photobucket
                          ]"]Error | Photobucket

                          Has since been tidied, and case-side is usually on / LED strip makes it easy to work with and lights up the inside with white light

                          No up to date picture really;

                          ]"]Error | Photobucket
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                          Black 1.2 Corsa SXI Project - Sold
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                            Dave, if you can afford it i'd recommend a 1TB Western Digital Black HDD for storage. They come with a 32mb cache and dual core chip on board so they're very quick for a generic HDD. Good for when you install games to them
                            The ivy bridge cpu you chose will easily see 4.4+ghz as well with next to no voltage increase

                            Shaggy, is your CPU cooler on the wrong way?
                            Shouldn't it be rotated 90 degrees so that t he fan blows the air out the back of the PC?


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                              Air is blown upwards. Only goes on that way. Vents are under cpu and above cpu back of case and main vent is on the top of case.
                              Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi - New Car
                              Black 1.2 Corsa SXI Project - Sold
                              Aruba Blue 1.0 Corsa Project - Sold