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Am I in the wrong?

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  • Am I in the wrong?

    Silly girl has screwed up. I pointed out it was her own fault, not the sellers - she disagrees.

    Take a read and let me know your faults. Personally, I feel she was in the wrong and is now trying to pass the blame.
    She thinks the seller should have done more.

    check orders when buying from my showplates. i didnt.

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    I like how she's screwed up and thinks that it's not her fault and is using anything she can. "The T&C's are at the bottom of the page"

    Yes - They usually are..
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      i dont know why you even care if you where right or wrong tbh


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        The homepage says road legal or show plates

        Distant selling regulations may work in her favour here which I feel is very unfair to the seller
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          She will probably get a refund, due to it being less hassle for company.
          Although I believe it her fault. She won't admit it, so I have up. Going to get nowhere