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selling a private plate

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  • selling a private plate

    this may of been asked a 1000 times so please bare with me as im a newbie!
    ive just bought a corsa and its come with a private number plate. the plate means nothing to me so im going to sell it.does anyone have experience in selling a private plate?
    ive done abit research and i think im right in thinking that the plate that was on the car before the private plate was put on is sort of still there in the background if the private plate was removed from the car
    cheers in advance

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    Hi when i have sold my cars (5 times) and moved my plate have always been back to old number


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      It normally goes back to the old plate,unless the old number has been re issued. (very unlikely on a modern car but possible on an older classic). Makes it easy to re use the old number plates. Whatever you get would be age related for the car anyway so it doesnt normally make much difference. If the original number is something you really dont like, such as OAP you could try asking for a new one.They might be sympathetic
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        thanks for the replys.

        ive done abit more research and people seem to be selling them on ebay.

        im thinking of putting my private plate on ebay and when someone buys it, i will get it transferred and put on retention. if im allowed to do that ha