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  • Ebay refund advice

    Wonder of any if you guys can give me a bit of advice with a purchase I've made on ebay recently..

    So here goes...

    I bought a turbo off a trader on ebay, I had it fitted to the car and it gave me nothing but serious trouble (overboosting, knock etc) it was basically going to ruin my engine if I kept it on (I have a guy who does my maps and he was the one diagnosing the problems and helping me sort them) nothing we tried worked

    So I bought a hybrid turbo and had that fitted and the problems pretty much went away immediately.

    So, the ebay turbo had a years guarantee on it from the seller and I have a handful of messages from me saying the turbo is no good and that I've had garages look at the car and say the turbo is at fault

    The trader is saying that me, the garage and the mapper have caused the turbo to fail by modifying it. Non of us have done anything to the turbo other than fit it and remove it

    The turbo hasn't failed it's just ****

    The trader is saying because we have modified it that I can't get a refund from them, I replied to them saying it had never been modified in anyway and that I want to return the turbo to them and get my money back but they haven't replied since

    Where do I stand with this?
    They also issued me refund of 10Quid but on ebay it says they have issued a full refund, also I'm out of the mbg period of ebay

    Thanks for reading

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    I think if you're out of the period on ebay you probably won't get very far. Is the seller a proper business? If so there might be more you can do with trading standards and the like.

    Odd that ebay think you've had a full refund if you haven't, might be worth opening a support ticket with them for that.


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      Open a case direct through PayPal instead?

      How long ago did you buy it exactly?


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          I bought it around the 28th of October, when I try to open a case via ebay it says it can't be done on that particular transaction which I'm guessing is because it's out if the 30days

          The seller is a business and also sell outside of eBay too, it says on the advert that the turbo comes with a years guarantee, that's the only reason I bought it

          As for the refund, they gave me a tenner back because the turbo didn't arrive in time


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            You get more than 30 days through PayPal, I'm pretty sure of it.. Although doubt it's over 2 months - worth a look though


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              Thanks mate, if not is it a trading standards job?


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                Opened a PayPal case


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                  Originally posted by CorsaEdi View Post
                  when I try to open a case via ebay it says it can't be done on that particular transaction which I'm guessing is because it's out if the 30days
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                    PayPal get better results, I would tell paypal exactly what has happened


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                      I will do pal and hopefully it gets sorted


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                        Paypal and ebay can be quite strict with sellers when it comes to refunds.And they can issue the refund from his account whether he likes it or not.Sometimes unfairly.Its one of the biggest pitfalls of selling on ebay,but great for buyers. So good luck
                        If time limit becomes an issue maybe they will take into account the time between its late arrival and you first contacting him with a complaint.


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                            I don't think you'd ever get a refund of more than the price of the turbo itself.


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                              Just wait it out