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    Right, I'm probably asking too much but hoping one of you techy chaps (JT, Hardcore, Dave?) can suggest a suitable piece of hardware to solve my conundrum.

    For the past few years (quite a few actually) I've been running a Linksys NSLU2 network adaptor. It basically connects to my router and has two USB ports so I can attach two hard drives (was running 2x1TB drives) to therefore access films, music, documents from any PC on the network. Sadly my NSLU2 has crashed and I'm struggling to resurrect it. I bought another one on eBay but it's been reflashed and I can't use that one either. I'm reluctant to pay the huge price tag they now carry (more than when they were new!) and regardless they're very difficult to find. They're more common on US eBay but I don't really want to shell out the huge postage costs either.

    I'm after suggestions of a modern day equivalent. Essentially I need something that will connect to my wireless router by ethernet cable, that I can then access wirelessly from any of my laptops, PCs, MACs etc. One big stipulation is that the drives attached must allow multiple user access simultaneously which my research suggests is almost impossible. It's so frustrating that a piece of hardware that was released 10+ years ago is so efficient yet there doesn't seem to be a modern equivalent!

    Hopefully someone will be able to help, but please bear in mind I'm not massively great with terminology...!
    Thanks all

    Just to add, I also don't want to have to install software on individual PCs for this to work. It literally needs to be like accessing an attached drive.
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    I'm no NAS expert, mine is home built as none suited my needs. I hear great things about QNAP ones though, they're not cheap but are good. Latest Drobos I hear is good too but not as fast.

    I don't know of any NAS that doesn't allow multi user access so I think that would be an easy thing to find, it's part of the point!


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      I'm ok with internal PC hardware tech and broadband tech but you probably know more than me about NAS devices Sam.
      My NAS experience is limited to using my Netgear router with a USB pen drive connected to it.

      Hopefully Dave will chip in. If you have AJ on Facebook might be worth giving him a shout as well as i don't see him on here as much.


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        Sam, You could use something as simple as this

        D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 NAS Box (No Hard Drives Included) | eBay


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          All of our network storage deployments are custom built using SuperMicro and LSI hardware. We dont typically get involved in the software side of it. It's more enterprise class anyway, not really the same kettle of fish as consumer level stuff.
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