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ePetition for waiving noise complaint ability of new residents near Motorsport venues

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  • ePetition for waiving noise complaint ability of new residents near Motorsport venues

    Evening All,

    I'm unsure if this has been seen on this forum already but it can't do any harm to draw attention to it again if it has.

    There is an ePetition in progress on asking for the introduction of a mandatory noise complaint waiver for anyone who buys or rents properties close to existing motorsport venues.

    100,000 signatures are required to have this debated in parliament and it's current sat at just over 36,000. The ePetition runs until March and can be found here.

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    I think this has been done before, but signed anyway.
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      But I don't have 36,000 neighbours. And the ones I do have don't complain 'cos I fix things for them.
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        Sound good on first sight but will never work. New residents complaining that long established permitted noise levels are worse than they were expecting are already told to sod off.They got their home cheaper and should have done better research.

        Unfortunately they usually change tactics and start alleging noise is exceeding the permitted limits and oppose any application for planning changes.
        There is no way any government would deny any local residents the right to report alleged lawbreaking or complain about changes they believe will make things worse.

        Shelsey Walsh (1905) Brooklands (1907) Brands Hatch (1926) and Silverstone (1948) wouldnt get many complaints would they?All are still actively used for motorsport (even Brooklands in a limited way) And what about the second runway at Gatwick ,an airfield since 1930 ? Same principle.
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