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  • Microsoft phone scam

    1972 Viva restoration thread -

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    Cancel his bank card, the card number could've been what they were after.

    Also tell him to change his number, he'll now be on a 'target' list and will get a lot more of these calls.
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      When you go over there it might be worth taking a usb stick with a offline installer for anti virus ( I use avast) incase they left adware or virus ect.


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        Is it a Windows 8 machine or WIndows 7?

        Try and download these on a USB drive if possible.

        Malwarebytes (free)
        AVG Free edition
        Spybot Search & Destroy (free)

        Boot up in safe mode, and unplug the ethernet cable from his computer or turn off the WiFi if in wireless.
        When in safe mode, run scans individually on the 3 things above. Spybot has immunisation features and third party cookie blocking as well so even if you have no PC issues, these programmes & scans are useful to run.

        Been using the above 3 for around 10 years now and never an issue, but helped me out a lot of times.

        Edit: After the scans finish and complete, recommend ethernet / wifi then go online, update them all and run all 3 again.


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          He's using McAfee (which by brother-in-law installed for him - personally I hate it but it's not my decision - bro-in-law lives abroad most of the year so he can't sort it out) so it will need to stay with McAfee for the time being.

          I use Spybot on mine so I've got the installation files and I'm going over on Saturday to install it for him.

          He's off to the bank this morning so hopefully he can stop them doing anything with the information they got out of him.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -