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Boo for windows. and not the glass kind.

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  • Boo for windows. and not the glass kind.

    So i have been having TONS of issues with my laptop lately. Windows 8 has been doing the memory dump and crashing my laptop about 8 gajillion times. Then my buddy who is an electrical engineer and all around computer nerd came into town, so I took him out for hot wings and to pick his brain. I ended up with something called Ubuntu on my laptop now and windows is in the crapper where it belongs... Computer is faster, much easier to use, and I like all the weird features... Apparently its what he uses at his house.

    The computer specs of his that I understood that arent greek.. " 32gb of Ram,
    And have an octacore CPU And two graphics cards lol Plus 8tb of storage, etc.
    • AND, my own home server that runs a gaming server, hosts videos, music, and apps. It's my own cloud server"

    which all looks something like this:

    Click image for larger version

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    I dont know jack **** about computers compared to him.... BUT! If you have any problems with windows, this Ubuntu thing is pretty sweet! Its free, and there are no virus' for linux.

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    Originally posted by cgawelko View Post
    there are no virus' for linux.
    Not strictly true
    I used Ubuntu for about two years and now I'm using Linux Mint. It's fine if you're not reliant on Windows software (and many run via WINE anyway) and it isn't ideal for games.


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      well now I know lol but I like how you can download things to still use windows programs. Like Pipelight for Silverlight so I can watch my netflix at work.

      Why did you switch to Mint?


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        I had too much crap on Ubuntu and fancied a change. Killed two birds with one stone. Never had any problems with Ubuntu though.