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Would you leave valuables in your car..

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  • Would you leave valuables in your car..

    Would you leave valuables in your car whilst you left it to be cleaned in one of those hand carwash places run by Albanians...?

    Reason I ask is someone left a wallet in there with 100quid in it and they stole it, now to me common sense would kick in and take all valuables out of car before you left

    But apparently you should be able to leave anything in your car and it shouldent be stolen (in a ideal world yes) there was also people saying thwy had tablets and other valuables stolen

    Expensive lesson for them tbh

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    I'd never let them clean my car, but if I did I wouldn't leave anything in there, not worth the risk


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      I use them a lot and I've worked in one of them and I know first hand that they steal anything they can, never saw them steal anything obvious like a wallet or a iPad though
      They should be trustworthy but they aren't and it would be a expense risk to see if they are, just not worth it

      When I've had my Cars valeted I take all valuables out and tell them to bag anything left or just throw it away/keep it what ever


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        We should get rid of door locks on our house as well then I suppose
        Originally posted by Dave
        Originally posted by Stephen Fry
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          Don't ever let them Do the inside.
          You'd have to be a moron to leave valuables in there


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            According to them it's the same as having a cleaner in to clean their house
            I said a house is completely different to a car but apparently not :/

            Told them you should a reputable person with good references to clean your house as it has so many valuables in, you wouldn't hire a random Albanian from a car wash to clean your house would you?

            Pay **** pay twice


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              Also I don't mind them cleaning inside of car, usually give them Car and have a breakfast next door whilst they do it


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                Take mines to be done all the time, is some nice Polish people who do mine and never had any issues. Tablet is always in the centre console, change in the pocket under the astray, satnav is in the glovebox and always there

                Then again, they are a nice bunch and I'm there a lot...... and they know im ex old bill :tape:
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                  Like all staff. Good and bad