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New guy from the dark side.

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  • New guy from the dark side.

    Hey all. Dark side meaning the states! but I posted over on AllCorsa and it seems they all moved here so here I am. I am in the market for a Corsa or Astra pre-1991 to be imported to me. Will be an Opel since RHD is a pain to import. Looking for any advice or pointers regarding the different Corsa models or any advice in general! Not my first opel, but definitely will be the newest one I get. Last one was a '70 Kaddett B Fastback Rallye 1.9L which i sold to some exporters to come back to Germany and be sold for big $$. I didnt know what it was worth

    but ive been looking for another Opel since and importing seems to be the only way (Opel/Vauxhall wont help me directly. Vauxhall basically told me off...). Well look forward to talking/"meeting" you guys!

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    Pre 1991, will be a corsa a/nova?

    Finding a good one will be the hard part. What information do you want help with?
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      Well what engines should I be looking to get and what body is better. I found a lot that I like, but some need some attention but for the price i cant beat it with a stick.

      So I like these two so far:

      Gebrauchtwagen: Opel, Corsa, City, Benzin, € 1.200,- AutoScout24 Detailansicht

      Gebrauchtwagen: Opel, Corsa, GSi, Benzin, € 1.100,- AutoScout24 Detailansicht

      Second one needs some light floor rust repaired, but im not sure if the GSi clone is better engine combo and body wise or what would be a better introductory Corsa. Im going to be running it as is for a while and then eventually I want to upgrade the pants off it, but I want a good base engine I can throw a couple bolt on parts onto and get a move on but reliably.