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Sanders & Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. - Advise Needed

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  • Sanders & Vacuum Cleaner Attachments. - Advise Needed

    Looking to buy a new sander for use on wood inside the home.
    Will be used mainly for sanding down skirting boards and door / window frames.
    I've noticed some of these new sanders have a fitting at the bottom to attach a vacuum cleaner to, so that it sucks up at the dust whilst sanding.

    What i'm struggling to find though, is a list of vacuum cleaners that fit these sanders.
    It's a Henry one i use but don't want to go out and spend a fair bit on a sander which won't fit it.

    Anyone any recommendations on one for the above, or know where i could find one that will work with a Henry vacuum cleaner?

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    They tend to be a pretty standard size, or come with adapters. I've had a few that attach to a vacuum but tbh I've never bothered. Using the sander attached to a vacuum cleaner hose is too damn annoying. So I just sand and then clean up afterwards. Even if you use the attachment it won't collect all the dust so you'll have to vacuum around anyway.
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      Just stick a bag on the outlet. Not a carrier bag or something, you can get them specifically for this purpose
      Much easier than pulling a hoover about, and still catches some of the dust.


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        I've got a mouse sander just now with the vacuum attachment but it's a different fitment. I've got an orbital as well with the bag, but it's a bit heavy duty for what i'm needing to do.
        Going to try and gaffer tape the hose from the Henry to my mouse sander and see how good it is before getting something decent.

        So far cleaning is taking about twice as long as the sanding is