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Advice please! 2004 automatic Corsa

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  • Advice please! 2004 automatic Corsa

    Hello all,
    please can someone advise? I'm learning to drive in an automatic and my instructor found a 2004 1l petrol automatic Corsa that he thought would fit the bill for me to practise in.
    I viewed it earlier, couldn't test drive as currently sorn but drove forward & backwards (not v helpful I know).
    The thing that freaked me out was no Drive or Park gear!
    or maybe I was being dense. It seems you just put it in A for auto and go.
    Everything about the car is nice, beautiful condition, year's mot with no advisories, full history, manuals etc. But I'm worried about the gearbox, and lack of test drive.
    I'm learning in a state-of-the-art electric so I have nothing to compare it to really.
    Can anyone give me any advice about this particular model please? I cat really afford to get it wrong.
    Thank you 🙂

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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I'll be honest the early automatic Corsa wasn't very good and very noticeable when the gearbox was changing gear. Add to that it's a 1lt 3 cylinder engine which hasn't got a smooth tick over. I wouldn't bother, I'm sorry to put you off . But that's my opinion.
    The automatic car you are learning to drive in is a lot newer and the modern automatic gearboxs are a lot better. Also I expect the engine cc of the learner car is more than a 1lt.
    let us know what you decide.


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      Agree with Restorer, the earlier autos seem to be less than reliable as they've aged. You might have found a good one, or it could end up being a money pit!

      I assume you're going for an automatic license? If so then you might be stuck with the older generation of auto boxes depending on your budget (I don't think any were particularly good back then in comparison to today!), so may be worth a gamble depending on price etc.

      Driving an old Corsa compared to a modern electric car for learning will be extremely different experiences. I'd strongly recommend trying to get a test drive in it first, perhaps with someone more experienced in cars to listen and feel for any potential issues.

      The only auto gearbox I've ever driven and liked is the VW DSG equipped cars (I've had a Golf and now have a Transporter, both DSG), but even they have problems compared to their manual counterparts!