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Windscreen and battery flat

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    Unlikely alternator in my opinion - it could be bad battery, or it could be the car draining unnecessarily. Hopefully one of the more technical peeps will be able to answer better
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      Its quite possible the windcreen was damaged by the garage during removal or replacement of wiper arms or the scuttle trim. As JT says it may have been inappropriate use of tools,or accidentally dropping one ,, which may be negligence but to be fair even professional windscreen fitters get the occasional breakage when installing a replacement windscreen. They normally allow for occasional mishaps in their pricing. Although breakage is less likely when simply replacing trim, on some cars it may be necessary to bang it into place quite robustly , for instance by thumping it with your fist, in just the right place with just the right amount of force. They may just have been unlucky. As JT points out , how or why it happened is less important than whether they are accepting responsibility and liability. They may be hoping you claim it on windscreen insurance. Citizens advice bureaux or trading standards. may be able to help advise on your consumer rights.

      Your battery problem may depend on history. You can check if the Alternator is charging and get some idea on the condition of the battery using a basic multimeter. The following web site gives details of how, and the results to expect. How to Test Your Auto Battery | Battery Testing & Maintenance |

      If you dont have a multimeter many battery suppliers will do these tests for free. But there is no such thing as a free lunch, they are hoping to sell you a new battery, or alternator. I highly recommend buying a multimeter. You will find numerous other uses for it in the home and car. But simple diy multimeter checks may not reveal all faults . Battery suppliers can do further tests such as testing under load.

      If your battery is quite old , than maybe it is on its last legs anyway. Also car batteries deteriorate very quickly if allowed to become completely discharghed (flat). If this happened to your car it may have hastened the end of the batteries useful life.

      But another possibility is the battery and alternator are fine but the battery is receiving excessive parasitic drain. There is always a small amount of drain from things such as computer systems, but sometimes something on the car is drawing excessive battery power even when the ignition is off. This could be something as simple such as a boot light not going out,or aftermarket car alarms, radio equipment etc drawing current.'
      Checking for this and fixing it is a little bit more complicated, but it can be done using a multimeter. Here is one 'how to site, but you may find better ones and you tube videos etc. How to Find a Parasitic Battery Drain: 11 Steps (with Pictures)