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    The older cars are getting much less common. Many enthusiasts who used to modify them as their first cars are getting older, sometimes richer, and moving on to other things.

    And the majority of cars now reaching the end of their life, and thus popular with young drivers or those on a budget etc are by now quite complex electronically. So there are fewer contributors with the up to date knowledge who are able to ,or have the time, to reply.

    The sites still get quite a lot of views from corsa owners (and thus potential customers for advertisng revenue ) but fewer who will take the time to post and keep the sites active.


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      Originally posted by Matthew View Post
      Why have most of these forums died...
      I've just been a bit busy past few weeks, summer holidays and all
      TheCorsa's friendly predator

      I like my women like I like my laptop. Thin, virus free and on my lap


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        Well I am sure the place can revive while I sell my corsa b sport 1.6.
        she hasnít moved for years due to me working away, plus I have a focus ST now


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          Now you're talking. Thats the next progression, Corsas becoming classic hot hatches. It just needs more folk to take the trouble to post. These may spark interest and further comments.

          Unfortunately while significant happenings ,drifting, renovations etc are of interest to many,including me , my reversing into a lamppost ,or having to swerve round wild tortoises crossing the road in Greece probably isnt. And the rambling posts of nostalic old codgers like me probably bore,and waste the time ,of many who prefer short sharp tweets between like minded initiates.


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            Well as always I am open to offers for my 2000 w reg corsa B sport 1.6.
            if no interest here, she will go on eBay... the graveyard of most cars