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Another another central heating thread

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  • Another another central heating thread

    Do we even talk about cars here now?

    Basically the pressure gauge on our boiler has gone up, it did this recently when my grandad decided it was a bit low so added more water into the system but didn't completely turn off the valve. He did it again yesterday (don't ask, I've told him to stop touching it) - this time it went on the green and with the valve turned off the pressure still went up for a while to near red, do I just drain some out again?

    Is it bad/dangerous to be high pressure? It's not in the red but is close. It's a combi boiler, not sure if that makes any difference...

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    So long as it hasn't reached 3bar and is dripping outside, you can get away with bleeding the excess off out of the radiators into a jug. The pressure should be roughly 1bar when cold but will increase a bit when it heats up. If it goes from 1bar to 2.5-3bar when running then you have a problem.
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      Yeah it's below 3 bar, I need to wait for it to cool down before I can get the excess out (which is a problem as it's only off when I'm at work). I don't think it's dripping outside (maybe it hasn't had enough pressure for that? I'll have a look at the weekend, cheers Lee.