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1.2 115bhp dbilas project

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  • [Corsa C] 1.2 115bhp dbilas project

    Will update soon.....

    For now transferred photos of how it started it's life
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    I thought it was time to post some pictures of my corsa c Face lift. So here we are:


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      Didn't get time over the weekend to paint the rest of the bumpers.(Because of work) However with today's warm day, and after finishing work I decided to finish spraying the MFD and face panel.

      Pictures aren't brilliant so sorry but to give a little idea of what the plans are please see below:

      These are now fitted back in my car:

      You can just about see the difference between the newly painted and the unpainted lower panel:

      This is star silver grade 2 paint

      Thought I would finish off the last part today as yet again the weather is good so here is the finished product:

      Ive just finished painting the passenger side rear bumper while I'm not at work and the weather is good so he are the photos of the rear bumper and bumper strips.

      I was about to post some up dated pictures over the weekend of my progress with the car but while the car was parked 90% off the road on Friday someone still managed to dint the passenger door I have manged to T cut the scuffs out but the dents are below. I didn't notice until Saturday morning when I was shampooing the head liner and went round to the passenger side door to finish the head liner off:

      They are around the size of two 5 pence pieces. Awaiting for a local mobile dent company to ring me up to book it in to get them hopefully removed. Will let you know the out come later in the week.

      Dent's now removed at a cost of 88.00 turns out it was a small push bike (Kids bike)

      Here are some up dates of how she looks now:

      This door was the one with the two dents!!

      richbrook handbrake lever:

      You can also notice the difference between the original posted pictures and these ones with the darker tinted quarter windows.

      The photo's of the jobs completed so far:

      Sorry for poor pictures these are interior light's:


      Passenger window switch

      Driver Window switch


      Fag lighter

      Face vents

      Heater controls

      X4 LED side lights

      New back box photos (Piper):

      And me

      One Fitted Irmy grill

      The old one:

      A little cutting:

      Some more cutting and trimming :

      And one hour later the finished product::

      Note to anyone fitting one of these to a corsa C take your time as the instructions just show pictures and the measurements are incorrect .


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        As you may tell colour coding has been removed from arches and side skirts.

        New front pads have been fitted today and I have also cleaned the inside of the rear drums.

        Just a few pictures of the rear drivers side drum bearing I replaced last Saturday sorry for the lack of completed photos camera went flat. Will be doing passenger side tomorrow.

        Photo's from passenger side rear drum bearing:

        - - - Updated - - -

        One fitted rear roll bar:

        A set of instructions:

        The brackets and fittings put together to make installation easier:

        The first job to remove the rear shock bolts, and fit the L brackets:

        Then fit the X 3 stage adjuster:

        Then undo the rear beam bolt (one at a time including fitting the bracket:

        And then the roll bar fitted:

        Here is something I bought last week :

        Just got to extend the wire for the exhaust emissions sensor.

        Some degreaser a 150 bar 12 year old karcher pressure washer and a little bit cleaner:

        Colour coding a new radio fascia to which I have drilled a pilot hole in the back to locate a LED. And also colour coded the top of my fuse box cover as the black was looking a little old:

        A good clean first

        Then first coat of primer

        Second coat

        Then the same for the radio fascia:

        Then a few coats of Star silver stage 2 on the fuse box lid:

        Just waiting for primer on radio fascia to dry before painting that.

        Fuse box lid fitted:

        Radio fascia now dry and ready for LED and radio:

        Fitted the LED. As you can tell I have 3 sizes that I bought a while back (3mm, 5mm and only one 10mm left) For the hole I drilled I'm using a 5mm LED. And ordered some new plates yesterday which have arrived :

        Fascia fitted just got to touch up lower heater control chipped the paint a few months ago

        Pictures of the exhaust from yesterday nothing special just a sportex lol:

        Just a few photos of my freshly painted oil catch tank sorry for bad camera pictures:

        Oil catch tank fitted and Manifold sensor has been extended and routed out of the way:

        Centre section crimped picked up and fitted just need a 55 - 60mm exhaust clamp

        Just a few photos lol:

        I pulled a few bad bit's of wax off and give them a extra couple of layers unfortunately ran out of mix, time and the weather changed.

        I treat the car to a good wash, clay bar and wax:

        My lube and clay bar:

        Just off one door:

        Off 1/4 of the roof:

        During wax

        After wax

        Today I treat the car to a shampoo valet as the weather was good, sorry for the poor pictures only just realised the difference is hard to see :

        VAX and before shots:

        Then made a start:

        Then emptied the water out:

        And carried on again:

        Then emptied again:

        Then again:

        Then finished off the foot wells and mats:

        Then emptied for the last time:


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          Then all cleaned up:

          - - - Updated - - -

          Oil catch tank and strut brace removed for next modification:

          A 4:30 am start to day to end up at the below:

          And the local security:

          A total of 340 miles round trip getting home around 5:00 pm, now finding out the other twenty pictures I took and 2 video's of my rolling road have magically disappeared

          Will post up photos of what has been done on my car and the rolling road status, and will try and get photos and video's that the guy's at regal took.

          1 setup run
          2 full runs
          1 final check run

          Found two more but the rest have gone.....

          As she stands now:

          Three from Paul at Regal:


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            picked up and fitted Eibach springs today:

            Fitted Vectra Illuminated sun visor's, Drop link's (Stabiliser bars) and Blue coolant hose's silicone:

            - - - Updated - - -

            Fitted new hoses this morning and repainted coil pack cover:

            Little bit of paint:

            Changed the two breather pipes and air intake pipe, just need a better clip on air intake:

            Spark plug and air intake pipe changed:

            Wrapped mirror covers fitted mirrors and breather filters:

            And bumper fasteners:

            New centre section fitted:

            New discs and pads fitted:


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              Washed, clay bar, compounded and waxed:

              - - - Updated - - -

              A few engine bay shots of how it stands at the minute:

              Started new boot build but did replace brake shoes and spring and clips:

              Just done a little more work on the top half of the parcel shelf, and a parcel has just come too engine dress kit so I can finally tidy the wiring under the bonnet:

              Exchanged sensors and linkage:

              - - - Updated - - -

              Throttle body cleaned and oil catch tank fitted. 316.58 for MAF from dealer so eBay it is lol.

              Did the oil change yesterday as it was just over my 5,000 mile interval:

              Fuel filter Changed this morning:

              Just done wire ducting tbh not quite happy with it yet but it's better than it was, I have lost feeling in my fingers due to the cold and wind


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                - - - Updated - - -

                So yesterday I ordered x 4 new injectors from the dealers at a price of 333.26 but all is not bad as I got them for 233.26 .

                I collected them a hour ago and have just fitted them. Noticed that all of the seal rubbers were very badly worn where they fit into the intake (not fuel rail rubbers) and two seal's were split (Ports 2, 3).

                I have ordered a set of injector retaining clips yesterday as well but they haven't yet arrived so will change the old ones with the new when they arrive in stock.

                This morning I have taken off the egr valve to clean it. But tbh it's not that bad, I have it soaking at the minute in a cleaner, so I will refit it in a hour or so:

                Cleaned and refitted:


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                  Nice one tanktop, all looking good
                  |> Spec2 R33 Skyline GTS-T <|


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                    Originally posted by Dave View Post
                    Nice one tanktop, all looking good
                    Thanks Dave

                    Didn't know of another way of doing it but this will do for now.

                    Just a slow process lol


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                      Pictures aren't good but what you see should be where the cat is:

                      Fitted new bushes on the driver side wishbone but as always poly bush is making it hard to refit to car a long day and still not done one side

                      Couple of pictures of the spoiler as I did some vinyl tidying up the other day:


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                        Half way through fitting drivers side wish bone just got to refit bottom ball joint then tighten everything up. And these have just come

                        Drivers side completed just having a hour then going to fit standard exhaust:

                        OK took the car in this morning to a local MOT station even though I have it booked in else where next weekend.

                        No booking needed at local one just first come first served, so I got there nice and early only too find out I was the only one waiting for MOT (No other cars there)

                        Car passed with flying colours

                        Sorry for bad pictures

                        NEW MOT PAPER WORK:


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                          Spent yesterday cleaning the engine bay, and one of my parcels has arrived :

                          Had a small leak while driving which started a little over a week ago I located it to the water pump so as always I let the pictures do the talking:

                          Two sets of bulbs came yesterday and two ID 60mm connectors come Friday. Also just re-routed the wiring on the volt meter:

                          And the wiring now re-routed:

                          New mods now received:

                          Blue voltmeter (Done)
                          Two connector silicone hoses 76mm long by 60mm ID (Got)
                          One 300mm long by 60mm OD stainless steel tube with beading (Got)

                          One part I picked up before work yesterday and the other one was delivered:

                          Last two parts:

                          - - - Updated - - -

                          Wire ducting finished bonnet arm clip replaced and plastic water connector replaced:

                          OK some goodies that came Tuesday, Just fitted new LED's about twenty minutes ago:

                          Old ones out!!!! new ones in:

                          Little trim here and there and roughly finished, just need a piece of flexi cold air feed pipe:

                          Little energy drink too


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                            Pictures a little crap but vast improvement:

                            Dash lights changed:

                            Here we are:


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                              ^^^^ 04-03-2012, 10:59 PM ^^^^

                              These for now will do more in the week