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1983 volvo 240gl 2.3 - with 1JZ-GTTE. yes, really...

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  • [Traitor Car] 1983 volvo 240gl 2.3 - with 1JZ-GTTE. yes, really...

    Collected this last night. its a 1983 Volvo 240GL 2.3, the famous redblock. being an '83 it has factory mags, elec sunroof, and 4 speed overdrive auto. cruised home happily, and has plenty of poke...

    as it came:

    that says 397,606kms...

    good job its got sony components...

    fully stamped...

    scruffy but all there, original spare too!

    mid development redblock, later injection, no egr.

    i then set to and cut and polished the thing, and cleaned all the trim/chrome:

    **** tinted lights will be binned asap.

    fitted some 6x9's. will fit 800w sub and amp and my headunit later.

    and the name?

    as we collected it and headed home, we got the news tanias grandfather had passed away. he always took the piss out of the last 2 i had, as a joke. so this ones AL.

    R.I.P mate.

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    Awesome, love it. You'll struggle to sell it in 5 minutes time now you've named it Al though.


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      Barge looks clean ive lost track of what cars and plans you have now


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        looks a fair beast mate any plans for it?


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          Looks decent enough.

          Serious question Rob, is buying these cars a way to make you feel happy? Just seems

          You're buying cars constantly, almost for temporary excitement birts because you're so damn bored?


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            low. 17's, s60 brakes, strut braces. i want it to handle. maybe an lsd.....


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              Originally posted by Vegas
              Looks decent enough.

              Serious question Rob, is buying these cars a way to make you feel happy? Just seems you're buying cars constantly, almost for temporary excitement bursts because you're so damn bored?
              i see what your saying, but no. i swapped it for a fucked commodore. i have what i want, a cool daily, a corsa to **** with, and a classic. lifes good.

              im far from bored, 2 jobs a 11 month old and a wife means its no where near boring.


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                  drift ****?


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                    Looks comfortable. I'd keep it standard to be honest and just restore it back to pristine condition.

                    What happened to the other older cars you were working on? The one that sat under a tree (forgot what car it was) that you were restoring for when your dad came over.

                    And that pick up truck you had a video of running with some high performance engine parts (IIRC)


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                      the morris is in the shed, the engines finished, its awaiting its turn at the paintshop...

                      the pickup wasnt mine, it was a customers.


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                        looks well rob nice buy guy on my road has 2 station wagon volvos

                        ones a 95 its blue and clean thats all i know rarly see it

                        but his 00 v70 think 2.5 turbo is a anti christ apparently its pushing out 320 bhp

                        fully black blackalloys and mint stealth beast also heard he does drift days in this

                        looks savage anyway dunno why im saying this seeing this just reminded me of it

                        oh hes also a taxi man and uses his v70 lol would love to be a passenger


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                          fitted my wheel and boss:

                          fitted my flat cap:

                          and spoke to the local volvo guy, i need:

                          x2 headlights, the refractor clips are broken, common issue.

                          x2 rear lights to replace the tinted crap. he has 2 but one is cracked...

                          whilst there, he offered me x2 complete manual conversions, and any other bits from his 3 junk 240's. so this weekend ill pull most of the stuff.

                          price? fit a cambelt on his sons skyline R33


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                            Manual conversion on the cards?


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                              possibly. the issue is, theyre 4 speeders. but the ford t5 5 speed fits...

                              or i just leave it alone for now...