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My corsa b 1.2

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] My corsa b 1.2

    Hello here is some photo's of my corsa b 1.2

    that what it looked like when i first got my car.

    here is what i have done to my car now

    Got a gsi bumper already sanded down for paint

    what Items i need are gsi fogs and grill, apair of depos and a nice back box

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    Nice got a good base there you get the strut brace on in the end?


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      No not yet i thinking of getting it powder coated by my cousin so it should be on there soon :P


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        Yeah powder coat always comes up good. Car would look great If you get everything colour coded and got some 60mm lows on it


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          Yeah i was going to gloss black the bumper and that


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            Think the b's look good when done properly,looks a good base mate


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              Atlantis blue is one of the best colours imo reminds me of my old one

              the colour can be quite hard to get a match on i got paint from here and was spot on just my spraying skills let it down


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                yeah i need to find a gsi grill so it make it look abit better


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                  It would look nice if you got the rear lights painted black or something

                  Also if you do powdercoat the alloys, get the calipers painted blue.


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                    Yeah got to find a nice set of painted black rear lights and depos for front


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                      Originally posted by Fusion
                      Yeah got to find a nice set of painted black rear lights and depos for front
                      With standard front lights you can make them into a depo look quite easily.

                      And rear lights, just put a strip of masking tape on the reflector, and paint it with black and add clear coats while it's still wet creating a tinting effect.


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                        yeah im not good at spray painting so i think i will just buy some that are already done


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                          Update on my car

                          got my gsi grille and fog now

                          ]"]ImageShack - {0281jpg[4f

                          next on the list is some depo's i think


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                            Just a update have wired in a speedo with a rev and got a set of corsa c sxi alloys and a back box

                            ]"]ImageShack - {0689jpg[4f

                            In grey primer at the minute

                            ]"]ImageShack - {0690jpg[4f

                            ]"]ImageShack - {0691jpg[4f


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                              I have sold this car now the person who i sold it to had a full respray done on it here some photo of it now

                              ]"]ImageShack - {7gm81fj][/url]

                              ]"]ImageShack - {5bcmpxj][/url]