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Danny's traitorous MR2

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  • [Traitor Car] Danny's traitorous MR2

    Had this a while now, so thought I'd get a thread up.

    When my Corsa Sport was giving me trouble I decided to cut my losses and give up as I didn't want it to become a money pit. I was already saving for an RX-8 anyway so I had a bit of cash to buy something that I've always wanted... A mk2 MR2!

    Here's how I got it back in April.

    Condition wise it has as much good as it does bad. I have a pile of receipts from toyota from over the years, most of its service history and having had a look over the car found most common problem areas have already been addressed. Mostly with genuine parts. The sills are looking pretty crusty, and have already had a couple if bodged repairs though, so they may be an issue come MOT time. But ill worry about that when it comes to it!
    Since then all I've done is tidy up little bits and pieces, and change little bits.
    I've added a cone filter (sorry to mention them on a Corsa forum!) for some fun noise, and fitted a double DIN sat nav/Bluetooth/teasmaid head unit, with the rear USB and aux patched to in the centre console. Then I replaced the wheels with another OEM set as they were looking pretty sorry for themselves with crap cheap tyres, the new ones have had a quick refurb and have Toyos on them.
    So, here she is now:

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    I hate this car.


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      Whats up man?

      - - - Updated - - -

      Do you want to buy an exhaust btw?
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        Rear left brake seized up on Saturday (or atleast became apparent on Saturday.
        Stripped it down on Sunday, the slide bolts were sticking so freed them up and got the misses to get me a piston winding tool and some new pads yesterday on her dinner break.
        Got back from working away today to for them, and the piston won't wind back in. Went to check the other side (which is only 2 years old) and the caliper bolt is stuck solid.
        Was supposed to be taking the misses out for her birthday on Saturday so could have done with it working but now that's gone tits up whole I wait for a new caliper -.-


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          And no ta, it's loud enough for my taste with just a K&N.


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            The calipers as a whole are kind of an achilles heal on these when things start getting old. I've got issues with off side front, and had issues a while back with off side rear. New calipers are really the only way to fix it.

            The breaks are fantastic on these, especially with fancy pads and grooved discs etc... But yeh, when they fail, they get annoying as fook.

            eBay caliper? Think about 60 if i remmeber so not too bad on price.
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              Yeah that's the plan. ****ed my weekend over though.


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                common fault, use copper grease on the slides and bolts/pins. used to do one a week. not as bad as an s14 though....


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                  Still having issues with this.
                  Changed the calliper, but now they're grinding. Thought it was just the pads bedding in, but I've done about 80 miles now with it only getting slightly quieter -.-
                  Gonna have to dismantle them again when I get a chance, which will probably be Saturday.


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                    Seems odd... Which caliper did you replace? If it was a rear one. Unclip the handrake cable from the caliper and go for a short drive (obviously bare in mind you have no handbrake.... Lol) see if it still grinds.
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                      Yeah was a rear one. Will give that a go. I was going to check all the anti-squeal shims are sitting right, didn't think of the handbrake cable being too tight.


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                        The backing plate was touching the disk


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                          haha, classic..

                          oh well at least it was free
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                            Possibly a crazy idea... And I've only just painted them... But, thoughts on gold wheels?

                            Saw one somewhere with gold aftermarket wheels and it looked awesome. Not sure good standard wheels would have the same effect though.


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                              Not a very exciting update; but new headlights:

                              Saw these recommended as an alternative to HIDs (as the MR2 lights are almost as **** as Corsas). The beam pattern is set by the reflector instead of the glass, so less light is lost... Apparently.
                              Only issue is they're identical shouldn't the left and right have different beam patterns?