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Arden Blue Corsa B Sport

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  • [Corsa B] Arden Blue Corsa B Sport

    Just picked it up, little info about it as follows:

    Corsa B 1.6 16v sport
    Arden Blue
    2000 W reg
    61000 miles
    120bhp - 125bhp roughly

    Mods as follows:

    VX Inlet
    Adjustable Coilovers Lowered 80+ mil all around
    Angel Eye head lights
    K & N induction Kit

    Here's some pics:

    Got this to go on

    Cat Back Stainless Steel Exhaust

    Now from what my mate tells me it needs a few new things done to be mint.

    It needs a new oil sump plug as its go a small leak so have got one of there to put in, it's a magnetic plug so should help to keep little bits out the pump to.

    Needs new washer jets, pipe or motor an bottle as its not working but I'm not sure what size the pipe is, want to get some blue silicone pipe to replace it.

    And it has a slight miss but not sure if its the plugs or cool pack.

    Will keep you guys updated though .

    Pic from earlier

    Took a pic earlier, I went over some speed bumps earlier and bottomed out, scrapped my centre box .

    So here's my ground clearance, 40 mil on 14s:

    An put some stickers on as well just for the hell of it...

    Attention seeker:

    And be patient in lowered

    Receives my magnetised sump plug this morning so will set about over getting it fitted now.

    Just been and picked up a irmscher splitter up off a fellow Corsa B owner. Debating wether to keep it black of colour code it.

    Just picked up a new head unit to replace the JVC cassette receiver that came with it.

    Weathers not looking so good for tomorrow (Tuesday) so plans for the day beings I've got a day off are: Fit my new stereo and Attempt to put my exhaust on.

    Have also orders a EGR Blanking Plate, and having a coil pack, spark Plug cover, passenger wheel arch moulding and a washer motor off of jarrold06

    Head unit fitted, just need to get a surround for it now.

    Can't remove my door strips as its hammering down here in sunny Wales .

    Shot of the engine, rocker cover is stinking

    EGR blanking plate arrived so get that fitted now

    De-bump stripped the car this afternoon, needs cleaning an buffing now though but it's stating to rain so put it on hold .

    Found a dent on the quarter so get that sorted eventually

    Received my spark plug cover this morning, so reprint that now and get it fitted.


    Little update guys, been rubbing down my splitter ready to paint, here is how it's looking, any feed back is welcome:

    Got to rub down with 800 wet and dry now and then get the primer on.

    Surround for the stereo arrived today... Not happy it cost me 15 but looks better now

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    Started to lay down down some primer on the car after I rubbed down with wet and dry 800, here's how it's looking:

    Had a look this morning and its cracked over night on the side any suggestions?

    And here's the paint I'm using:

    Re-rubbed down the splitter and applied 4 coats of primer here's how it looks, crack has gone now .

    Test fitted it earlier just to have a Ganda at how it looks an I love it .

    Got a head light out at the moment the earth spade has snapped off my angel eyes so got to get that sorted tomorrow.

    Second coat on and it decide to rain so put it on hold for now

    I've used 300mil 2x Tin of primer equaling to 6 coats. And 2x 300 mill Tins of blue paint equaling 6 coats

    Previous pics were of 2 coats now its had 6 and Here's how it's looking now:

    Just needs to have a clear coat now and hopefully be on by next week then .

    Headlight has also been fixed, the terminal had snapped (spade connection) so that's been replaced and its all working sweet again .

    Quick update again, applied 5 coats of clear this morning so leave that for 24 hours now and get it polished and on by Monday

    Here's a sneak peak .

    Done oil change on her today, she had like a litre and a half of oil... That's it! So dropped it and changed it and she's running a lot better now.

    Only down thing is the oil cap on the rocker cover is lose and it's slowly leaking oil.... So need to replace that now.

    Little update guys.

    Have had to order front camber bolts due to the person who originally lowered the car not putting in camber bolts resulting in the inside edge of my tires looking like racing slicks...

    So ordered these:

    So wait for these now, get them fitted get the car tracked and get some new tread put on.

    Receives the camber adjust bolts and got them fitted, knew my tyres couldn't take much more... And I was rite...

    So the car now sits on a steel wheel with the outside wall slightly warn down...

    So Monday I'm having two new tyres put on an tracking done and alignment done.

    Put the bolts on as it says to put them in to adjust the camber.

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      I've established that the Car park camera can't read my reg its to

      Spent yesterday afternoon giving the car a once over, was filthy covered in tar along the bottom. Sadly my bumper care and tyre slick has run out so that let's it down but never the less she's gleaning.

      Give my mrs civic a once over while I was at it to, can see it hiding behind mine lol.....Going to attempt to put my splitter on today chaps so will keep you guys updated .

      Ok so yesterday I discovered oil seal stem valves are out I put in 4 litres of oil last week an it's gone. Took out the plugs and they had oil on them to...

      Now the car has been fine all day until I took the plugs out... Since then it's like a miss-fire has began all though its fine through the rev range, but when your driving it its got a serious lack of power and acts like its missing. So off to the garage for a diagnostics it went..

      picked her up about an hour or so ago and as follows:

      Cracked spark plug in cylinder 3
      wrong plugs, they're out of a golf
      One of my Ignition leads is split
      oil seal rings have gone
      piston rings need doing

      So i put 4 new plugs in, will sort leads Thursday and the rest will hafta wait util i come back from Ibiza end of the month, and the head gasket is fine as is the coil pack .

      And here's the culprit:

      On a more positive note I've fitted my splitter.

      Weathers lovely decided to take some pics of the car with the splitter on while I was on my way home.

      And the ground clearance is fine even though its lowered 80+ mil

      Here's a few more . Gelled the plastics and slicked the tyres plus a little polish to .

      I'm well happy with the splitter and I've had some great feedback on it tonight. Here's a pic or two from tonight's meet with my car club

      So yesterday I found I was loosing water and my engine bay was covered in muck my Engine looks like this:

      Engine temp was rite up and had steam coming out my bonnet from it on the rocker cover from where its hot... I also Found my fuel tank vent valve hanging lose:

      My coolant is empty to so obviously I've got a after a bit of inspecting i Found the problem,The pipe on the left on the inlet was split, that's where I was loosing coolant from, it had split rite on the kink. Let her run to get hot and it started spraying out of it.

      Here's the broken bit:

      So chopped it down and put it back on:

      Now she's running ok again, not losing water and the temperature is fine an the fans kicking in fine.

      Then on to the washer jets not working, popped the passenger side one off and pulled the leaver... No water... So blew down the pipe and tried again... Success it worked so obviously got a bit or muck in there blocking it so at some point and sort it out, but there working for now .

      Little update, not everyone's cup of ever... I received some bonnet raisers today to raise the rear end of my bonnet .

      So get these sprayed Arden blue and fitted now .

      Not updated this in a while, not done much as I've been really busy but the weather has been good today so got set to rubbing down the bumper ready for a re-spray.

      First of all I removed my splitter, I've caught it a few times on speed bumps no matter how slow I've gone, up on removal it's worse than I first though:

      Then I got set to rubbing down the bumper, I'm doing the grey mouldings gloss black and the the bumper is staying the same (arden blue)

      This was around 11am got half way through and decided it was to hot so it put a stop to it. Set about washing the car then was fed up of looking at my dirty wheels. After that I decided to take some wire wool to my rocker cover after that state it was left in after a coolant leak. Not perfect but a lot better than what it was.

      Thats about it for now, the exhaust is going on tomorrow or Saturday so will update with pics and a cheeky video once on .
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        And after:

        Fitted a 10" sub and amp today... What can I say I like a bit of base in my life .

        Realised I ain't taken any interior pics so here's a few:

        417 miles on about 60... Any idea if that's about rite or am I a little heavy footed lol.

        Also started to flat back the bumper ready for paint here's how it looks t moment, passanger side is done just need to do the drivers side now.

        And a pic of the drive way were I'm scraping getting on and off:

        Little update on today's job's.... First the exhaust...

        Jacked her up whipped undue an axel stand and got to it, clamp sat between the centre section and cat gave us some trouble as the following pics reveal..

        Then the back box clamp...

        Fail x2... So quick nip to the parts hop o pick up some new ones:

        2x 48mil and 1x 51 mil

        So off with the old and on with the new:

        Let the transplant begin:

        And finally:

        Needs some gum gum it's blowing slightly from the cat and back box so get that sorted but sounds lovely .

        While the car was on the jack got the wheel off and arch out and got to the water bottle, it was full of like this black goo rubber stuff was horrible so got that out took an air line to the bottle and whipped it back on. Job done .

        Video link of my exhaust system

        Little update again... Set about taking my wiper motor and rear window wiper off today in torrential rain... So In between spells here's how it went...

        First I unbolted the wiper and removed it, next I opened the boot and set about removing the panel and the motor, (T25) in case anyone is wondering what size the T star is .

        Now wasn't sure what to expect under the wiper rubber but surprisingly not o bad:

        Then I inserted a 24 mil grommet I picked up from Halfrods (pack of 3 about 1.50) and popped It in:

        Bit of a tight squeeze but it went in eventually:

        Job done, screwed the and clipped the panel back on and here's the results of how my rear end now looks:

        Not rocket Science or a hard job but it makes a big difference.
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          Looking good! Looks much cleaner at the rear minus the wiper

          Have you got a link to those sump plugs? Might invest in one for my X10XE as mines due an oil change anyway
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            Cheers for the comments pal appreciate it :.

            On eBay pal . eBay
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              Not much of an update how ever....Today I discovered a slight water leak... from what I can figure out its coming from the bottom of my radiator... So going to strip the front end down tomorrow and have a Ganda. I'm hoping its the pipe on the bottom and not the radiator it's self..

              This happened twice to me today .

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                Went hunting for the water leak this afternoon with my mate and bother.. Discovers its the radiator

                Bit of inspection from the top first:

                we decides to remove the bumper and have a look around:

                Bit of rust on the slam panel:

                So had a bit of a Poke around and I'm almost 100% certain it's my radiator.. So off to the parts shop to price one up and it's going to cost me 60.55 for a new one .
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                  Ok so went to Halfrods this afternoon and bought some flush and rad seal:

                  Ok as your all aware I'm not a mechanic I'm just the Valeter, so popped to see my mate who works in a local garage by me and two opinions later I was told not to flush the system because it can make the leak worse (not really sure how as your clearing it out) and to put the seal strait in.

                  So I did as advised and put it in the tank, let it run for 15 minutes on tick over, turned it off for 5 minutes then took it for a drive. Touch wood it's cured the leak as i can't find any water and the expansion tank is still full ,
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                    The way it leaked in that pic I wouldn't of thought a pour in product would sort it. Or very well.. it's probably a cheaper alternative to buying a new one but see how it goes. Hope it sorts it. I gotb really slow leak. Loose about CM over 6 weeks but hasn't changed in a while.
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                      It's cured it for now but she'll be having a new radiator end of month
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                        Is they any adverse effects to using stuff like this then?
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                          Not that I know of pal I've read nothing but good reports and been recommend it by others.
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                            So as of the moment a lot of people know I've been having some running issues so after some advice I decided to have a little inspection of the throttle body and induction, it had been bodged on with black insulation tape and duck tape, so took it all off to find a blue hose that was split, so a bit of sealant and some insulation tape got it back on and clamped down.

                            Found a plug unplugged, the one on the bottom (green one) I believe it's been the cause of all my running issue at the moment beings it's the ICV sensor, so Plugged it back In and the revs seems ok be ok now... At the moment...

                            Also had a diagnostics run today by a mate, it came back with the following:

                            Idle control valve
                            Air intake sensor

                            So wipes them clean as I unplugged them when sorting the induction, so I've cleared the codes in the hope that when it throws something up I can go strait to the sauce of the problem. Obviously the EGR needs doing so at that oft at some point clean it and get it back on.
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                              Might aswell blank it off.
                              It's not a job you want to chance doing twice!