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  • [Corsa B] Satin red daily

    Hi guys thought I'd share my latest corsa, something I didn't plan on buying but got offered it cheap and local, so what did I get

    Satin red 1.2 16v w reg 126k on the clock envoy poverty spec model here is the pics I got sent

    So a deal was done and I headed through to pick it up, £250 seemed good since it mot till next July. So when I got through it seemed a little more rough than pics shows it's had a front end bump and boot floor is completely rotten. But chassis leg and front outriggers are tidy. So I chucked my comps etc suspension and lights on it and drove home, next day me and my mate gave it a good going over and a clean and after a trip to Halfords added a spoiler we painted

    Quite happy how it turned out but it drove ****, wheel bearings on rear were shot and suspension wasn't any good too stiff and bouncy. So I switched to so some spax rsx front coilovers and fk short shocks and springs on rear

    So got wheelbearings did but come across some rot so had to get the welder out

    Welded and sealed up

    Still got boot floor to weld then i can get it all undersealed for winter so while I had it sitting I got front coilovers changed over after doing the rear end and dug out some bumpers to get painted

    Ajusted and wound down

    Bumper painted and gsi splitter added

    And on

    Rear too

    Got it back out to play and it felt a lot better to drive

    Got a text from a local lad asking if I wanted polybushed bottom arms and front arb so I said yeah picked them up and ordered 2 for the front tie bars and 2 for the axle

    So the plan is to attach underneath clean and paint everything weld up any rust and underseal the floor before winter sets in, up next is the brakes but I'm enjoying being back on the road for once albeit it a bit under powered haha

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    Another update, went to a cruise last Friday and bumped into another b, on the way home I heard a noise coming from the rear drum, turns out the shoes have off or something tbh I haven't got round to looking yet...

    So decided to crack on and redo the whole braking system and fit my polybushs and on Sunday night I ordered new shoes fitting kit and wheel cylinders and braided brake lines

    Also made a start cleaning up the tie bars bottom arms etc

    Quick lick of paint and it looked like this

    So after that I made a start on the tie bar brackets to get them polybushed

    Only realised the inner ring of metal needs to come out so that's next to do unfortunately I've ordered the wrong bush as they don't fit. Found the late type ones online I need though so it's kinda put a stop to progress.

    The rear end kit has arrived aswell so realistically I need to order new rear suspension and that's the whole underside nice and new.

    Hopefully get more progress at weekend

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      Nice write up dude! keep it coming
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        What happened to the last build?
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          That's quite an improvement! When I saw the first pics I thought those were as it stands now
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            Still have it lee, lying in bits right enough fed up not being able to drive etc so this is road legal and works. Cheers yeah it's fairly come along in a short period of time

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              In before other project is aborted.

              Looks really nice now, love this colour


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                Manage to sell the brocade shell I just had no luck with it really. Found some more rot on this which Iím going take care off ASAP as I plan on keeping it on the road and rather it was all done before the bad weather sets in. Saying that it always rains in Scotland anyway

                So front crossmember is pretty past it, slam panel is all bent from when I had some sort of front end bump

                My correct sized front tie bar bushs arrived

                And canít undo 2 of the 6 bolts holding the tie bars in place cause of the threaded tubes have come undone from the crossmember so Iím going to need to cut them I think

                One of my mates popped round and whilst chatting away suggested I tried the South African rears Iím unsure really

                Still waiting on the braided brake hoses arriving so I can start on the underside

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                  I quite like the SA lights tbh dude
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                    Forgot I started this so letís get up to date, if your on corsa pages on Facebook chances are you will have seen this already

                    So carrying on from last up date I got the crossmember welded and made a start replacing everything on the front end

                    Also fitted v6 brakes too bleed the brakes after having to unseize a front caliper seems to work for now though.

                    Then collected some parts the following

                    Gsi skirts
                    Gsi interior
                    Stainless exhaust system
                    Morette indicators
                    Rear strut brace
                    Baileys header tank

                    And ordered gaz ultra lows for the rear

                    When I was fitted the interior I also got these door speakers installed

                    About a week and a half later I managed to get the rear coilovers on welded the boot floor up and remove helper springs from front coilovers too

                    Then last week I wanted a wheel swap was bored of the comps and had an idea to do an old school build so to speak from when I was a young one when I first got into corsas

                    Managed to get a set of 5 speedlines in a deal but they where red so Iíve spent the weekend painting the wheels and gsi kit

                    They came with 195/45s but wanted 40s so ordered brand new well could get 2 this week and 2 next fingers crossed

                    Also me n my mate fitted the gsi clips for the skirts

                    Painting the kit

                    Iíve also got morettes now too. Quick mock up to see how itís going look

                    Thatís it all on now and lacquered removed the inner lamps from the morettes painted them black also

                    More updates soon

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                      Love it dude
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                        Another update, bought another 2 195/40/16s and 5mm spacers

                        Took my wheels n tyres down to a local garage to get tyres on rims

                        Got it all on the car after fitting new inner and outer track rods, only problem is they seem to short so my wheels wonít line up properly

                        Had it out a run, drives ok apart from tracking out and some clunking noise when I brake really hard, checked everything on front end and itís all tight. Hopefully Just teething issues I can sort out quickly looks superb though I think

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                          It really looks the part.
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                            Looks great! Not many about anymore. Over last 2/3 years numbers have reduced drastically


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                              Cheers for the comments on how itís looking, Iím loving it myself. Proper old school styled from how i remember then when I was younger. Yep thereís not a lot left now. Even granny spec standard ones are dwindling away.

                              So I thought I had a issue with my brakes first day out I noticed there was only a 5mm contact are from pad to disc, but after being out a couple more times Iíve realised the pads may just need bedding in as slowly the contact are seems to be getting bigger. Could do with the getting the rear shoes and new cylinders fitted along with the braided flexis and some new fluid. Hopefully after that I have a better pedal feel.

                              Quick was the other day then out a run to a local car meet. Been noticing it draws some attention lol

                              Plans over winter are to get my lock up cleaned up, currently 3 engines and a rotten corsa sport sitting. Going to strip some stuff off it for use on this get rid of the engines I donít need. Luckily after all the hassle from the x20xev lump not running properly I kept the C18xe ecu and loom and found a C18xe engine local ish and got it for a set of big block corsa shafts

                              This wonít be happening any time soon or being rushed Iím enjoying using the car at weekends and stuff. But I do have everything to redo the engine

                              Timing belt set gm
                              Headgasket set
                              New air intake pipe
                              New air filter and fuel filter
                              Spark plugs leads

                              And things left over from the xev are 421 manifold, oil cooler, f20 gearbox, lmf shortshift, conversion mounts, gsi shafts 22spline inners and I purchased a 2.0 8v flywheel and I have a homemade 421 manifold, so plan basically is once car is finished mechanical wise is to rebuild engine get it all painted up etc.

                              Couple of questions I need help with though, is a corsa sport 16v dash loom a straight swap into a 1.2 16v model? If so how do I keep the epas and where can I hide the engine ecu if I keep epas?

                              And lastly I have blue roose hoses will they look out of place in the bay of a dark red car? Thoughts please

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