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Dannyboys ford focus traitor car

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  • [Traitor Car] Dannyboys ford focus traitor car

    well bought a focus as my 4th car the other week, lasted a week before i had to change the gearbox

    previous cars

    first car when i was 10

    still got it painted wing now

    second car first road car

    third car

    and now the focus, i think an old owner was a member once as there was a flyer to here in the paperwork

    got more plans for it but need to save up more lol


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    had the last two days off work so cracked on fixing the car
    first job was replacing the wheel bearing as there was loads of play and sounded awful

    need to remove the hub to press the bearings out

    old bearing next to hub with new one

    no more pics but its all done now and no more nasty noises

    next job the drivers outside door handle had to yank to get it to open the door so needed adjusting

    door card off

    lock out need to twist the white plastic next to my thumb

    re fitted and all was good, while the door card was off decided to look at the window motor as it would go down not up
    removed the motor cover loads of crap in there

    middle was also black and nasty



    built it all back up

    works again now
    mods can start soon

    gave it a wash and tinted the front side repeaters

    my friend had an turboed st170 that got stolen last year, i found it on ebay last night hes thinking of buying it back and breaking for parts so i said i would buy the engine if he does could be fun



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      also pictures of the dash at night

      Had the front on axel stands and used trolly jacks lol

      Driveshafts out bumper off and archliners off for better access

      Looks a mess had to strip out battery box airbox and remove starter motor and messy hydrolic clutch

      I thought it wss gear oil everywhere but was the cv joints leaving every one was lol

      Nice shiny clutch w a s done before I got the car

      Old gearbox bottom new on e top

      New gearbox on the jack ready to be fitted

      Took the opportunity to remove rust and protect painte c brakes blue as well

      New gearbox in

      Back together took it for a spin nice and smooth gear changes


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        [quote name='dannyboy19' timestamp='1363377594' post='805024']
        as i had today off work decided to tint my headlights using the tutorial on this site

        Anyone go to the fast show today? If not then you where lucky was a horrible day snow rain slush nd a mud bath no strip action got bored after 2 hours of arriving

        Anyway latest mods purchased from there

        Only shots of the "show"

        All in all a rubbish day oh well

        - - - Updated - - -

        Done a few bits to the car recently

        New track rod ends as mine had lots of play both sides

        New top mounts only changed as im tyrying to change any bits with possible wear

        Goot the tracking done as knew it was bad since this was my tyre

        These also just arrived this morning


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          fitted polly bushes the other day made a huge difference not surprised judging by the old bushes

          old front bushes removed

          both bushes fitted


          - - - Updated - - -

          Looking for opinions on a new front bumper
          Bumper I have but needs replacing


          Body kit one im not sure on


          Also new rear lights turned up


          New front bumper fitted still looking for my new front number plate I bought a while ago lol



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            New lights

            Flocked parts fitted

            Also fitted trip computer

            Not much been done recently was saving up for a respray got the money then the person who was doing it got kicked out of their unit so thats that out of the window so I spent the money else where

            clocking up the miles

            New steering wheel

            new alloys

            Also as it wasnt getting a respray anymore I improved the paint as much as I could
            Before left after right


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              Really like this, think the 170 bumpers suit them well!!

              The trip computer, is it standard part or after market made to fit? If the latter, do you have a link?
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                Originally posted by BenWilliams21 View Post
                Really like this, think the 170 bumpers suit them well!!

                The trip computer, is it standard part or after market made to fit? If the latter, do you have a link?
                Trip computer is standard on some focus's all the wireing was there for it to just plug in, cant be fitted to other cars im afraid


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                    Did you end up doing any more to this? Or have you sold it due to the MR2?
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                      Done some bits and bobs not much being sold next week, ill update later


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                        Puting things back in to sell
                        Painted interior light surround

                        New gear stick surround

                        New gearbox bushes

                        Headrest monitors refitted and connected to the headunit which is connected to a ps2

                        New rear suspension to be fitted still

                        And also won a car of the month competition with this picture