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  • [Other Vauxhall] Astra MK4

    So I decided to start a new project thread for my new car. Not got alot of plans for this really.

    Few pictures off the Corsa that I sold.

    Anyway on to the new car.

    It's an Astra MK4 Club 1.6 8v.
    Bought it to replace my Corsa B, as got bored of it.

    Plans are.
    Replace front and rear bumpers.
    Replace drivers rear door.
    Fit some Astra SXI alloys.
    Maybe lower it.
    New number plates.
    Fit electric mirrors and windows.
    Plus whatever else I decide to do.

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    Update time.

    Well took this for an MOT today and it passed, really pleased it passed got a few advisory's but nothing too bad.

    Anyway now that's done I can crack on with a few upgrades to this.

    So I've been busy buying some new parts for this, first up are two new bumpers. Just need to find a new fog light as one was smashed.

    Black headlights, cross hatch grille thanks to Zapmole and a set of rev counter clocks.

    Electric window motors and mirrors.

    Insignia washer jets and some blue led bulbs.

    And today I went down to euro car parts to collect some parts.
    Timing belt kit, Water pump, Drive belt, Thermostat and bought a fade-in sun strip.

    Really want to do the timing belt myself, but I've never done one before. So I've decided to do it myself unless anyone want's to help me? I would appreciate it.

    Got my timing belt, water pump and drive belt replaced along with a oil filter and oil change a few weeks back.

    Had a good look around a local breakers yard. Got my hands on a set of tinted rear lights, Irmscher rear box.

    A new drivers rear door.

    And today's job was the pollen filter.


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      Converted my windows to electric. No pictures of this.

      Also bought some new door cards.



      Whilst I had the door cards off, I fitted some Vibe Slick 6 comps.

      Camera battery went flat after doing 3 out of 4 door cards.

      Then this happened.


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        Got started on this after work this afternoon.

        Got it all striped down.

        Found out I need to replace the air con radiator aswell. For now I'm either going to remove it or leave it as it is and Just got to cable tie the part that's broke.

        Crash bar needs some modification doing to it due to this.

        This is the worst of the damage. Gave it a good bashing ideally needs to go on a jig.

        Also collected a brand new radiator at a cost of 55 so not too bad.


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          Well after getting this back on the road after my crash I had, I decided to get a few mods done.

          A few before pictures.

          And how it looks now.

          So far I've fitted,
          Black headlights.
          Tinted rear lights.
          Coulor coded side skirts.
          New boot lid with Irmscher spoiler.
          Astra sportive alloys.
          De-badged gill.
          Irmscher twin double d backbox.

          All comments welcome.


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            I like accept the front grill, just looks to plain.

            Also, is it just me or does everyone associate this shape astra with police cars
            Originally posted by Dave
            Originally posted by Stephen Fry
            [B]"It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so ****ing what."


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              Going to be changing the grill for an Irmscher one soon.