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Brocade yellow corsa

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Brocade yellow corsa

    Got offered this last week very cheap off a mate who bought it for its engine to go in his sri, so I took it

    Missing couple panels low mileage 53k, 1.4 16v gls model electric windows central locking electric mirrors sunroof model the engine is going in my mates sri shell... so I'm unsure what's the plans for that so far...

    First up I collected the panels that was missing

    Front end back together

    Tailgate back on

    Also put on my mhws

    Been looking for new wheels for my black corsa so softstars got refurbed and put on this, aswell as lowering it

    Backing plate for spoiler on and a quick wash then I headed to my mates

    Painted a splitter and spoiler

    Looks like this now,

    Not bad for a days work, still engine to remove and find a replacement, or possibly put the turbo lump in

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    Dave will approve of this.

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      Managed to get the boot debadged and trims heat treated

      Possibly paint and fit a new drivers wing as my current one is dented and rusty

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        Ah! A brocade Yellow! It's been a while!! Love the colour
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          Brocade yellow corsa

          Had a unfortunate day off my work van broke down this morning so I've cracked on with the brocade

          Little jobs today were front grille that arrived this morning and tigra scuttle panel also cleaned the engine bay while I'm at,

          Really need to make a start on removing the x14xe I've found a replacement on eBay hopefully sort that on pay day.

          Some pics of the lauqer peel quite bad tbh

          Drivers wing is a mess

          So few bits to tidy up but should make a cracking wee daily. Unsure on what interior to fit tempted by calibra leathers

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            Drivers wing swapped over

            8k hids installed

            Getting there [emoji108]

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              looking good dude!
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                Best give this a quick update

                So I've decided to reshell the turbo engine into this, along with a few other bits from the black b... its cleaner a better colour albeit it needs freshening up

                Anyway I spotted these South African back lights for sale on eBay yes I'm the guy who bought the 150quid ones.... well offered the seller 100 and I won them... crazy I know but they are plug and play into a uk model

                After fitting these I went on to fit the morettes on the front

                Managed to get engine out black b and painted the rocker cover anthricate

                Smoked the number plate aswell

                Ordered a few parts aswell

                Oil filter sandwich plate

                Got the fittings for my fuel reg is the right way?

                Waiting on an oil adapter t peace and zlet turbo oil and water lines hope I can find someone to drill and weld my dump for an oil return

                Started the strip down today

                Sport clocks in and boost gauge and corsa dash mat

                Also corsa c gear gaitor and vectra gearknob

                That's me upto to date so far

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                  Hey guys another update

                  Managed to get engine bay tidyied up before installing the engine

                  Engine all painted up etc black block this time

                  Ordered these Astra gte rear hubs

                  Engine in and mounted 80 percent finish just couple coolant hoses fuel lines fuel reg and gear linkage to fit then driveshafts bottom end once refurbished can go on

                  Really happy with how it's looking now

                  Oil cooler fittings and hoses arrived

                  Went for a cossie style tailpipe

                  Hoping to make a full exhaust myself 2.5"

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                    Get a short shift kit if you haven't already got one. They make a massive difference to the feel of the gear change.
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                      Never thought to go with a shift, I've refurbished the standard one

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                        Hi guys not has much time to do much with this recently

                        I did purchase some vxr Pistons to lower compression but bought the wrong ones by mistake there Astra j vxr one

                        So not sure if there any use I know there 86mm though so will fit my block

                        I bought some holden parts direct from Australia a grille and boot badge I might need to get a steering wheel and couple badges made for mud flaps

                        Be about 3 weeks waiting on them arriving

                        Mocked up some indicators the other day again not sure on these some mesh perhaps to hide them a little?

                        And a period mod punto rear wiper arm

                        Hoping to get further progress in the new year

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                          Quick update still unsure if they pistons from the Astra j will work ive managed to get some zlet ones in theory this will bring the compression down from 10.8:1 to 8.8:1 so more boost and safer

                          Next up I've bought a zlet fuel rail with reg still attached

                          Standard xev is 3 bar and zlet 3.3 bar which saves me running the rising rate one I got off eBay also because I'm ditching the stock ecu for a standalone set up not cheap but going be easier to set up anyway that's for sure.

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                            Quick update today holden grille and boot lock arrived over the moon with these been wanting years to try source them

                            Rs bonnet vents arrived gsi 16v badge isn't for this corsa

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                              I have to admit, I feel jealous looking at this. It Makes me feel really good to be a part of this forum with real enthusiastic people about the car in question. I know my car for example is nothing special, but when you've worked hard keeping a car running and cleaning and how YOU want it, it makes you grow a great connection with the car.

                              It looks great, love the colour too. I bet that runs great as well.

                              I'd love to see it in person.

                              Fantastic job [emoji108]

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