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    Don't think so mate unless aftermarket company does them. Was an official Seat OEM part
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      To be fair it looks worth is nothing more I hate than having loose bits and pieces in my boot!


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        hi tam. my boss says be carefull with the exhaust, if it uses the v band clamp on the back of the turbo, then the dpf replacement pipe needs to be 100% in line. any variance and it will leak. theyre a **** of a thing to fit even as std. also there is an uprated clutch for them....


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          Cheers Rob.

          Not sure if this one is different from the Aus version but it comes with a cat but no DPF. Sits on the downpipe just after the turbo.
          It's the same lad i'll be using who done the exhaust work for my Corsa. I think he used to work for Powerflow then became fully independent. He's done them before and got them right so if it leaks i'll just go sraight back and let him sort it.

          There's a few options for clutches on these. Can either go mad with single mass flywheel and paddle clutch, but the single mass flywheel makes it rough to drive. Standard clutch new is good for 300lbs/ft torque so when it's remapped i'll back off a fair bit from those figures so it doesn't kill the clutch too quickly. If i goes probably go for Sachs organic clutch and Sachs dual mass flywheel.

          Loving the 70mpg the now though almost as much as the torque.


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            So yesterday done a other simple mods to it.

            Black tailored floor mats. No pictures as i'm sure everyone can imagine how they look.

            These for the headlight bulbs and came with upgraded sidelight bulbs.

            And these for the full beam bulbs


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              Fitted new number plate LEDs today but very disappointing even for SMD's

              Same as these

              So instead, and because i like the BMW LEDs on the number plate so much i ordered these instead

              They use Cree LEDs. The same as in modern mobile phone flashes so the brightest LEDs about.
              Bosch rear wiper blate fitted as well as previous was just smudging water across the window.


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                There awesome Tam good choice


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                  Yes. LED's everywhere!
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                    Well, turns out the first set i bought work quite well at night. They looked really dull compared to standard during the day but if it's pitch black they're bright enough to make the area around the number plate glow in a nice cool white shade, rather than the yellow. Not quite as bright as those BMW ones you see but much nicer than standard.

                    Not to worry though, the boot and interior light use the same as the number plate festoon so those super bright ones can go in there instead

                    Waiting on a quote to come back for a proffesional tint to the rear 3 windows (limo) and a separate quote for a light smoke over the rear lights.


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                      That will also set the car off nicely Tam, look forward to updates..


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                        Krazedude would approve
                        [CENTER]Understeer: when you hit the wall with the front of the car.
                        Oversteer: when you hit the wall with the back of the car.
                        Horsepower: how fast you hit the wall.
                        Torque: how far you take the wall with you.[/CENTER]


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                          These are all tasteful LEDs though, no tacky stuff here
                          Installed them as interior light now. Looks amazing compared to standard. Really bright modern and white now.

                          Booked in for 5% Limo Tint on Tuesday as well. All back 3 windows with 10 year warranty.
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                            Good man to be honest I was looking into getting the same type you're getting anyway, just felt it was appropriate to mention him seen as LEDs were involved

                            Will like to see how the tint looks in the day and how much visibility you have left at night.
                            [CENTER]Understeer: when you hit the wall with the front of the car.
                            Oversteer: when you hit the wall with the back of the car.
                            Horsepower: how fast you hit the wall.
                            Torque: how far you take the wall with you.[/CENTER]


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                              Some overdue better pictures at last....

                              Interior LEDs

                              Interior with LEDs off

                              SMD White number plate LEDs


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                                Nice Tam very nice.

                                Far better improvement than standard bulbs