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Seat Ibiza FR 1.9 TDi

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  • Usually in such cases the heater radiator is gone. Air pockets develop only if you do full coolant change.


    • It's got a small coolant leak and i've let it run a bit low sometimes.
      It's difficult to find the leak because sometimes it's fine for weeks then other weeks it's emptied the header tank.
      Had it pressure tested a few times and seems to hold pressure.


      • Might have a replacement for this shortly.

        Going to go and view something else tomorrow hopefully.

        Edit: Viewing arranged for tomorrow now.
        Fitted all new Denso glow plugs to this now and no more EML at last. If all goes well will be up for sale in a month or so.

        Trying not to get too optimistic as have been let down before.
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        • up for sale?
          you haven't even started the tuning yet. no chip, no dmf...


          • What you looking to replace it with?
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            • People always get rid of the annoying little problems before they sell it


              • Another VAG mobile.

                I won't get rid of all the problems before i sell it but i'll have a price to reflect that.
                It's away getting it's wheels painted the now, silver this time and some Rain Sport 3's fitted at the same time.

                Sounds silly i know if i might be buying another car, but the wheels would just swap straight onto it if i get it.
                Didn't get to view last night as limited time so driving to view as soon as i collect the Ibiza.


                • Deposit paid on replacement car today.
                  Should be picking it up on Saturday but going keep using the Ibiza for the moment until it's ready to be sold so about a month tops i'm hoping.

                  Wheels painted silver look nice on the Ibiza as well.
                  Should look even better on the new car


                  • Are you going to tell us the new car? Or are you going all Sam Dunning?

                    Wheels looks nice, make it look newer and fresher


                    • It's a Mk1 Fabia VRS.

                      Similar mileage to this and well looked after but a lot more toys and mods fitted to it.

                      Going to return this to standard, fix a few things and sell it but use it until it's sold, then switch to the Fabia

                      Paint work isn't perfect but a lot better than the pictures show

                      ESP electronic stability programme
                      Cruise control
                      Heated Seats

                      Upgrades by previous owners and myself:
                      Full leather interior retrim including door cards by seat surgeons
                      Custom remap by JBS autosport to 180
                      PD160 intake
                      Forge Motorsport front mount intercooler
                      Helix Autosport clutch and single mass flywheel
                      Allard EGR delete pipe (makes the engine light come on but I have a code reader to show this is just because the egr is removed. Didn't cause any problems but the original egr valve is included if you want to revert to normal and not have the light showing)
                      Milltek stainless exhaust from cat back
                      Eibach Pro Street S stainless coilovers
                      Meile heavy duty droplinks
                      Febi sports top mounts
                      Jabbasport rear anti-roll bar
                      Seat Sport front strut brace powder coated Skoda green
                      Superpro dog bone bush
                      Powerflex console bushes
                      312mm front brakes from Audi TT
                      Brembo Max grooved brake disks front and back with brembo pads
                      Rear brakes have return spring modification to stop seizing
                      17" Octavia Spider alloy wheels powder coated gunmetal grey, includes spare
                      Alpine head unit with iPod/iphone connection & control


                      • I think you will like the vrs a lot more than the seat pal

                        Also, fully blacked out ftw


                        • More power will be nice as well.



                          • Wee picture of the Ibiza from the early house of last night. Not the best quality, but was pitch black apart from the moon light.