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  • Yeah I think so, mainly in hard right turns, smaller tyres but more camber probably help that.

    tyrea kinda new annoyingly, but free adjustment period is only 21 days


    • Have you been able to locate the exact point of contact? It might be possible to modify the inner wing slightly in that area. Maybe use tyre shine to find where it gets buffed off by contact , then apply white chalk to the tyre in that area to highlight where it contacts the car. If its likely to be the tyre tread making contact you could try using wax crayon.

      Or presumably there is something that limits the amount of lock that its possible to apply. Maybe a limit of range in the steering rack , or some form of physical stop on the steering arms. Is it possible this can be adjusted, or modified to limit the amount of right lock

      . Or the steering range centralised and equalised in some way . Possibly if the steering wheel is moved a spline or two and the tie rods shortened one side and lengthened the other to compensate, this might centralise the rack travel so lock is the same in both directions. This is just an idea. I dont know if it would work, or even possible. And it wouldnt help if it already rubs on both locks.

      You could possibly give it a partial try . You could adjust the tie rods by exactly the same amount plus and minus each side. maybe one thread turn at a time If this works you can then centralise the steering wheel. If it doesnt work you can adjust them back to where they were to centralise the steering wheel, and have at least eliminated one possibility.
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      • Dude, thanks but you’re massively teaching me to suck eggs ag this stage.
        the car is on its arse, and it scrubs on full lock. It’s too low for current set up. need to change the set up


        • Oh well. Its difficult to know at what level to pitch things. Maybe it will help someone else who reads it.


          • I appreciate the effort, but like it’s extremely (as usual) in depth about a fairly obvious issue.

            car has been lowered more, car now scrapes.. raise again or adjust camber/tyres for more clearance


            • Made it to work! The speed bump was a bit tricky 😂
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              • Looks great!
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