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  • Originally posted by Bugman View Post
    Potholes in the UK are almost as bad as Bulgaria now. Only difference is Bulgarian roads are getting better, UK ones are getting worse.

    UK is still at the point where a pothole takes you by surprise. Eventually it will get so bad you always expect there to be potholes.Which is progress of sorts. -You then learn to avoid them better and are not surprised when others make sudden unexpected swerves, or even drive long distances on the 'wrong' side of the road if the surface is better.

    Biggest problem I find is in deeply contrasting light and shade under trees etc. Its very easy to mistake dappled shade for a pothole ,but too risky to assume its only shade ,as it might indeed conceal a pothole.(which are more common in shade due to freezing) Its quite annoying driving for miles at pothole friendly speed due to dappled light only to find the road was fine. But more often than not there was at least one hidden pothole. Also following large trucks and buses. They can often span and ignore potholes that a car cannot. If you follow too close you may not see the pothole until its too late.

    Umm thanks for telling me how potholes work haha. I spend 11+ hours on the road driving most days, so Iíve got pretty used to them now