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Liam's Nova 1.6 16v (x16xe) Project

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  • [Nova 1982-1993] Liam's Nova 1.6 16v (x16xe) Project

    Hi guys, just joined and have decided to add my projects thread onto here.

    I've owned my Nova since July 2010 and since then it has undergone 2 resprays and an x16xe engine conversion.

    I'll just add a couple of bits below, but if you want to read the full thread it's on PNG at: <<CLICK HERE>>

    First respray in September 2011. The whole car except from the engine bay painted Post Office red and the front end was converted to a Mk1.

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        I bought a set of 15" Compomotive MO5's but stupidly sold them because I didn't think they suited the car at the time. I also got some of my dash parts flocked by Alan (Prey) at Flocking Fantastic.

        Back to the car. Once it was dropped off I spent a couple of hours cleaning off the 20+ years of oil and dirt.

        The washer bottle clamp was removed, the rust on the N/S inner wing was sorted and the bay was prepped and then masked off ready for paint.

        It was then moved into the paint booth. The car was masked up and it was then painted. I decided to go for an anthracite with a gold speckle. I chose this over red, just in case I decide to change the car colour in the future.


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          nice work there, what forum did you come from where this was a project?? cant say ive seen it before.

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            Good to see you here mate ! Pictures do this car no justice what so ever! Absolute beaut of an example!


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              The underside of the bonnet was also painted red and the bay was demasked.

              I also picked up an early boot (without the grab handle) which already had already been de-locked. I got it painted at the same time as the engine bay.

              Then it was time for me and my dad to start with the engine conversion. First thing to sort was the wiring.

              I also spent some time cleaning and painted the engine ready for the conversion. I also got the rocker cover and Dbilas inlet painted as they were both pitted and looked poop.


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                I love it!
                Originally posted by Vegas
                When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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                  A Nova GTE flywheel (lighter than the standard Corsa one) was added as well as a new LUK clutch to suit. I also fitted a new GM timing belt kit whilst it was easy to do. I also replaced the multi v-belt setup with a Nova SRi bottom pulley and Nova alternator. This then did away with the power steering pump.

                  Once everything was sorted it was then time to get the engine in.

                  Wiring was then tidied a bit.

                  Here's a couple of videos. The first being the first start-up and the second was it ticking over with just the exhaust mainfold fitted.


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                        That is awesome!


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                          Once it was at the bodyshop a bit of a previous bodge was discovered! The bottom of the arch was acutally all fibreglass and was put over the top of rust. This was then sorted by chopping the lot out and fitting an arch repair panel. A new inner arch piece was also added. The arches where also rolled and the arches were cleaned to bare metal to eliminate any rust, if there was any.


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                            New top-tint windscreen was bought and fitted. I also bit the bullet and bought a set of GAZ ultra low rear coilovers so I could get a height I liked.

                            The arch repair was then sorted, the car was prept and then painted in Flame Red.


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                              I left the car for a couple of days to let the paint dry properly before assembling it back together.

                              GAZ rear coilovers were then fitted (with added adjustment to the inner arch lol) as well as some SPAX RSX front coilovers that I purchased.

                              Final parts were painted and then fitted including wing mirror caps, grill, door handles and rear spoiler (replaced Mk1 spoiler with Mk2 GSi one).

                              A couple of weeks later (week before PVS) I noticed that the head gasket had gone! It was then a bit of a rush to get it sorted and was all finished at 9pm on the Friday night (we left at 10:00am on the Saturday).

                              Once it was sorted I spent some time tidying up the wiring and wrapping it all in fabric tape (as used on VAG cars). These pictures are once it was all cleaned and ready for PVS.