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  • [Corsa B] Project "To hell with it"

    Hey guys and girls, i thought id best get on a forum. I bought a corsa b 1.2 8v last summer as a project, i also bought a 2.0 to chuck in it, but ive now decided to stick with the 1.2 and mess about with it and try some new things. So if anyone is after a 2.0 let me know, it is all in the for sale section.
    Anyway. its basiclly been sat in my garage for 9 months, so last week i thought id drag her out, get her started and fired up and start stipping all the interior out.Its basiclly going to be a road/track car. Just to have some fun in, This is not my daily runner which i love, "non Vauxhall" ive had alot of vauxhalls before and loved them, I have driven every type of corsa in my old job, and found them to be a good all rounder. So i pick my little corsa up as a non mot'd non taxed beaut "theres a lol in there somehwere". i paid the pricely sum of 100 for her. She has a nasty dent in the rear quarter but other then that shes sound as a pound body work wise, light surface rust on the edge by the door pillar but thats it.

    So far ive got everything out the back, next is the front seats and the carpet.She will have a general tidy inside of the paint before black carpet goes in a a friend is going to make me a fibreglass false floor so it keeps the weight out. plans are

    Fibreglass bonnet
    Fibreglass boot
    Poly carbonate windows
    Front reclining recaros with harneses
    false floor
    upper rear strut brace
    upper front strut brace
    Im lookiing at bike carbs and a sr cam and manifold.
    gsi front bumper
    Gsi side skirts
    gsi rear bumper.
    This will either go matte black or for panther black with the green fleck.

    Heres some pics anyway of the day i picked it up, Weather permitting il get out tomorrow and do some more

    Stand off

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    So ive really not done much to the car, ive started sorting out my interior door cards changing the colours myself, so from grey to black

    ive also started to panel beat the rear quarter thats folded etc, so far its not looking too bad, will get some photos of that when i can, As my weeks are always full , i rarely get time to work on it

    So from the old tatty grey to the black, a vast iprovement i think

    /WP_20160228_12_22_05_Pro_zpsad6tzyhv.jpg.html]"]Error | Photobucket