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  • [Traitor Car] Hardcore's Fabia VRS

    I picked this up today.

    Just need to put my Ibiza back to standard more or less, sell it then will put this on the road.

    Comes as standard with some nice things such as air con feeding into areas of the dashboard so you can use it to keep cans / food chilled, OEM black headlining, pillars and sun visors.
    Virtually the same mechanically as my Ibiza with BLT 1.9TDi engine (130bhp standard) and 6 speed box.

    Factory fitted extras
    Cruise control
    Heated Seats

    Current modifications.


    Full leather interior retrim including door cards by Seat Surgeons
    Cree LED interior light.
    Osram LED map lights.
    Alpine single din head unit.
    vRS OEM floor mats

    Engine / Transmission
    Ibiza Cupra cold air feed
    Forge Motorsport FMIC
    Helix Autosport clutch and single mass flywheel
    Allard EGR & ASV delete
    EGR cooler delete
    Jabbasport custom remap to approx 180Bhp / 290lb/ft
    2.5" Miltek stainless steel cat back system

    Eibach Pro Street S stainless coilovers with springs powder coated Skoda green
    Meile heavy duty droplinks
    Febi sports top mounts
    Jabbasport rear anti-roll bar
    Seat Sport front strut brace powder coated Skoda green
    Superpro dog bone bush
    Powerflex console bushes
    312mm front brakes from Audi TT
    Brembo Max grooved brake disks front and back with brembo pads
    Rear brakes have return spring modification to stop seizing

    17" Octavia Spider wheels powdercoated Anthracite.
    Aero wiper blades.
    Bootlid debadged & holes filled in.
    LED number plate lights.

    Planned mods / Changes.
    Blue LED door warning lights.
    LED boot light.
    Cree LED reverse lights
    Osram LED side lights
    Cree LED glove box light.
    Pressed plates
    Cup holder
    Double din headunit
    Wind up the coilovers at the front slightly
    Re-fit the anti shudder valve (stops EML coming on)
    Re-paint brake calipers
    2.5" decat downpipe.
    Wind deflectors
    A really good clay bar, polish & wax!
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    Clean example mate

    I would 1million% keep the wheels that are on it rather than the ones of the seat

    I think tints will ruin the look of the car unless you go really light tint


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      Seats look really nice, I'd agree with edi about keeping these wheels too!
      Not massive fan of the front ends, but like the rear of them! In sure you'll make it look decent anyway!


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        These ones will deffo be coming off i think. They use 215 width tyres when the should be 205 sho there's a bit of scrub. One of them has been kerbed a doozy as well and the rest have some chips out the paint around the sidewall.

        Ibiza ones have 4 brand new Uniroyal Rainsport 3's just fitted and been powder coated again.

        I hear these are popular down your way Mark.


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          You got this on road yet mate?


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            Not yet mate.
            Wanting to keep the Seat on the road until it's sold so that i can take anyone who wants to buy it for a test drive. Soon as it's sold will transfer insurance to this and get it taxed, then all sorted.

            Got a few things i want to fix on the Seat if i can find the time as well before i sell it. It's got a coolant leak just now and the front brake discs are warped. Not sure to sell it standard or modded (minus the wheels) though.


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              Fair enough mate, I think you will love it compared to the seat


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                After months of messing around with the Ibiza to get it sold so i can switch insurance to this, it happened earlier this week.

                Few small issues. Probably sitting around for so long didn't help.

                Wheels need balanced / checked for buckles as a bad vibration at high speeds. Front one hit a kerb shortly before i bought the car so suspect it's that.
                Wheel bearing is on it's way out or the calliper is slightly sticky as getting a humming noise from the rear.
                Boot solenoid is a little sticky as sometimes difficult to open.

                Was worried would feel too harsh with the coilovers but actually really comfortable.
                Much quieter exhaust than the Ibiza. Feels about the same acceleration 1st and 2nd, but in 3rd onwards you can feel a big difference.

                Will get some proper pictures up soon.


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                  Finally lol


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                    I've not had good enough weather for any decent pictures or a good proper clean yet but i decided to get cracked on with some LEDs here and there to freshen things up a little.

                    1 x cree for the centre interior light

                    Then these for the Map Lights. Ordered another set for the sidelights also
                    All fitted



                    Now it's crystal clear and white at night in the car, rather than hazy yellow.

                    I went for kinda less bright number plate ones but the trade off is they're encased in glass so weather proof for the number plate lights

                    LED vs Original

                    Both LEDs fitted

                    Still waiting on the following.

                    Skoda number plate surrounds
                    Pressed plates
                    Wind deflectors
                    Brighter interior LED
                    LED sidelights
                    Cree LED glove box light
                    Blue LEDs for door marker lights
                    LED boot light
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                      A little bit more done today.
                      Rained virtually every day i've been off work so hard to get motivated

                      Still needing a wash, clay, polish & wax badly


                      I used these for the door lights. More or less the same as standard bulbs though brightness wise


                      I used one of these for the boot light and much better than standard



                      Cree reverse lights


                      Standard vs Cree. Cree is much brighter at night along with pressed plates & new number plate surround
                      I know, it needs a wash

                      Osram cree sidelights. Whitest and best quality i've used so far




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                        they love skodas in India, don't know why, was well surprised, lol.


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                          they love skodas in India, don't know why, was well surprised, lol.
                          Same reasons as everyone else. Plus theirs are assembled locally. All new cars in India tend to get battered to death very quickly whatever their make.. The appeal of a new car with 1950's design that does 20mpg is rapidly passing, even if it can be knocked back into shape by getting an elephant to sit on it (as in the old tv advert)


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                            Hardcore. You,ve got me interested in Leds . Thanks "Leddy". Not sure about the number plate ones though.A bit bright .The original looks better to me.

                            An interesting point (well it is to muppets like me) Is that in some countries where you have to carry replacement bulbs by law you are exempt if you have leds.
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                              I think the way the phone camera picks up light like that is a little poor as they're not as bright to the eye. Same with the sidelights.
                              Just got the glove box one to wait on and fit now. It's a little more of a pain as glove box needs to be removed to fit it and has tubes going to it for air con as glove box doubles as car fridge.