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My Corsa Vegas - 400hp WITH b000st

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] My Corsa Vegas - 400hp WITH b000st

    Hello everyone

    Just signed up on this site after reading some people on heres projects, and was really impressed with what i have seen.

    I have a Corsa Vegas 1.4 (5 door) (It was then a 1.6 16v) ( It is now a 2.0 16v

    with 87mm pistons, balanced stock rods, arp rod bolts, q42h fast road cams, ported head, lightened flat flywheel and quaife atb dif

    I am pretty much a novice at this kinda stuff and have only been driving about 5 months, but i have done a few "modifications" to my car )which i will update continually


    Alloy wheels

    fittednew gaiter (harder than i thought)

    removed rubber trim from door panels

    new front and back speakers

    heated front leather seats

    Rear calibra leathers

    debabdged rear

    semi smooth tailgate

    gsi grill

    mirrored sun visors that have ben flocked

    new steering wheel from corsa sport

    gsi sideskirts

    new gear knob

    sony head unit

    fitted cigarette lighter

    remote unlocking

    alarm+ immobilizer

    Smoothed gsi bumper (colour coded)

    colour coded boot lock

    colour coded door handles

    Elctric windows and mirrors installed

    colour coded mirrors

    colour coded rear bumper

    colour coded gsi rear arches

    Badboy bonnet


    Pressed Plates.

    sxi wheels

    2 brand new wings

    full respray

    Electrics sunroof

    p60mm frront 100mm lowering springs on blistein b10 rears and gmax sports front shocks

    new bigger engine- So far, just has new timing belt full kit, eco tech pipe fitted*

    my first question is this, currently my car is sitting on 15" alloys ( these where bought from halfords, and are slighly wider than normal wheels) and my car looks nice with them on, but it looks to high, as i have not lowered it at all.

    How much (estimate) will i be able to lower my car by, and is it more difficult with wider wheels? ideally i dont want new shock absorbers as just replaced rear ones

    Thanks alot for any help

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          Get some pics up mate.


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            and BTW i think 40mm would be ok to lower. it might rub if you go further as the wheels are wide.


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              hiya and welcome along


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                Thanks everyone

                Will put pics up tonight as arches of at moment, as painting them


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                  cool cant wait to see them


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                    well arches painted, and other bucket seat frame, made so all ready to go in, buts its just started pissing down with rain


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                      someone recommend some springs that are adjustable between 30mm and 50mm please?


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                        coilovers, janspeed are a decent brand.


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                          Janspeed do some cheap coilovers, but if you want to adjust it between 30 and 50, why don't you just get 40mm? Or 60 front/40 rear?


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                            well i am not sure how much can lower due tooffset of wheels, guessed 40mm, left space either way.

                            Just got new shock for back, so dont really want coilover (if these inc shock i bit of novice) i dont want to throw money away.

                            why would the front need to be lower than back? front is pretty much all i use

                            Thanks for your help


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                              When you lower the back end, the front end comes up - it's like a 'sea-saw'. Not by a huge amount mind you it depends on how good your shocks are, but you can quite easily just get away with 40mm all around.

                              What Aspect ratio are the wheels? 50/195/15?