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Project: Brocade Yellow II

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Project: Brocade Yellow II

    hi guys,

    my corsa 1.0 12v (on an x plate) won't seem to start on the key, it just cranks over without firing, ive recently fitted new plugs (all 3), and also recently fitted a brand new coil pack, but both of these new items has NOT cured the problem?,

    ive also got a kinda relay "clicking" in the glove box area when you crank the engine over,

    ive owned the car for about a year now, and right up untill about a week ago it was driving fine, just went to start it one morning and all it was doing was turning over.............

    obviously i can't plug the car up to a diagnostics checker as the car wont start or idle, so im really out of ideas on what the problem maybe.......

    i hope 1 of you guys can help me and get my muched loved lil corsa back on the road again,

    i hope to hear from you soon,



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    first thing to try would be refit the old coilpack


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      find out if it sparking, that will tell you if your coil pack is away or not, if its sparking i would start checking if it gettin fuel


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        might be your fuel pump rely has died.... take the intake box off and see if you can see fuel going in. Nice and easy 2 bolts or screws if i remember with that engine.


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          thanks for thats info mate, but have just tried the old coil pack and have found i have no spark on any of the 3 plugs?, (i have allready fitted new plugs)

          i have also removed the air box to see if the fuel is getting in, and from what i can see fuel IS getting in, so i think its more of a spark problem?.........,

          ive been told that if the crankshaft sensor is blown, this knocks the spark plugs out, is this correct?, if so, i will renew the sensor,

          any additional help on this matter would be appreciated guys, surely my corsa can be fixed!!............


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            I guess could be either stuck starter motor or crankshaft sensor.

            Literally wack nstarter with hammer, see if it frees it up


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              Crankshaft sensor, about ?25 from a motor factors. mine had the same problem yesterday and put a new crank sensor in and its cured! try bumpin the car off and see if it runs. mine wud bump off but not start on the key.


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                Please don't use text talk


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                  I would put it down to crank sensor than


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                    CHEERS BOYS,

                    i will fit a new crankshaft sensor over the weekend, and see if that cures the problem?, i dont think its a sticky starter motor as the engine is cranking/turning over, just NO spark from the plugs........

                    ive checked the plugs by laying the coil pack on top of the engine with the 3 plugs in it, and ALL 3 plugs were dead, and they're ALL brand new bosch plugs. so it sounds like a blown crankshaft sensor.

                    i forgot to mention on the last thread, IF the crankshaft sensor has gone, wont it put the orange engine management light on?, ive NO lights on the dash apart from when you ingage the ingnition as normal, but as the car wont start/idle its abit hard to tell what light/s stay on!,

                    thanks again go to the guys for the input and ideas to try, will keep you up to date with the progress, good or bad.........


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                      If you could get the car started then it probably would be on but than I doubt it would be the sensor.


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                        hello again..........

                        have managed to get hold of a brand new crankshaft sensor, from fuel parts direct, luckily all 3 of our local motor factors had one in stock, so i had a choice on what one to buy,

                        will be fitting it over the next couple of hours, so hopefully it will cure my problem and get me back on the road again!...........


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                          After a short session writhing about on the floor in the dark, with a head torch on, ive just finished fitting the soddin crank shaft sensor!,

                          first turn of the key,..............BOOM she wen't, burst into life!

                          so thats me done, back on the road, the relivent geezers have been thanked for the important info thats helped me to sort my motor,

                          best of british to you all, and look after you and yours................



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                            Originally posted by corsaboy1

                            After a short session writhing about on the floor in the dark, with a head torch on, ive just finished fitting the soddin crank shaft sensor!
                            Ah, memories

                            Seems to be a rite of passage for all X10XE owners, hopefully you didn't get an eye full of crud as the bolt slacked off like I did


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                              HI renrenren

                              damn straight mate, ive just about changed every chuffin sensor on the car incl oil pressure sensor, new coil pack, new sparkies, MAF sensor, Lambda sensor, and finally the crank case sensor!,

                              i was lucky i didnt get splatterd mate when undoing the bolt, she came off clean!, and it was dark...........

                              but as you'll probably know, ive still got the trade mark cam rattle when she gets hot (over 90 degrees), ticks like a time bomb! you can hear me coming before i get anywhere, sounds like a freight train!

                              i still have 1 other problem with the car there's a sort of a clatter/banging coming from the passenger side footwell/behind the wheel when you hit potholes or speedhumps........think a ball joint has gone, again any help would be great, from you guys ive no way of looking unless i jack it up

                              apart from the clattering as i explained above, the car runs well, for its age, would'nt mind some pukka alloys for it, but slowly slowly catchy monkey as they say!, been having a snout on the bay for some but to no avail........

                              laters people