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1.2 "Elegance" - Meet Esteban!

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 1.2 "Elegance" - Meet Esteban!

    The Corsa B was Named Timon... the Breezemobile haha, Explains the username! (And he's still in my ownership at the moment...)

    After filtering through pages and pages of "great condition" 10 year old rusty fords, and shocking high mileage, 15 year old VW's, I decided to "stick with what I know" and get the Corsa C. So, I am now the proud owner of a 1.2 16v Silver Corsa Elegance...

    So, I'm pretty sure this thing is built for a "Mum with two kids" kind of set up... It struggles with hills, and isn't very quick at pulling off - or maybe the pulling off thing is just me being cautious with it being a new member of the garage! (Only bought it Wednesday) I'm still waiting for the opportunity to try it against another car to see how well it holds it own, like my Corsa B used to!! (That was a 1.2 16v Breeze)

    That said, maybe it's because it's newer, I don't notice the acceleration as much, and it's had the timing chain done so it's quieter than the B!

    Handles much better at higher speeds than my old one too...

    Probably won't mess with it too much, as insurance is a pain at the moment (10 months of driving...) and also it's just such a sluggish car that I don't see the point!

    I'm just chuffed I have electric windows, remote locking and I can do my CD player on my steering wheel! haha

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