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AJ's first project - UPDATE

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] AJ's first project - UPDATE

    OK, first car, first project.

    Im a complete noob with motors and aint really got a clue about any of it.

    Car is mainly used to get to and from work and for running the missus and baby around.

    Right, so its a Vauxhall Corsa Arizona 8V, 1.2L (1196cc), 5 doors, Red, Manual, Petrol, 1995.

    Bought it for ?495 on 1st May and was already MOT'd until Jan 2011. Tax cost me ?60.

    Here is a list of what I have got done so far.


    The car came fitted with a JVC headunit and a 12 disc CD Changer placed under the passenger seat.

    I have now taken this out and replaced it with a Ripspeed DV725 with 7" motorised pop out screen. Has a built int DVD player and SD card reader. There have been some bad reviews about this but I think its a great bit of kit. Not bad at ?75 either.


    Right, so i got a modchipped PS2, not the v12 slimline, then old chunky one. Obviously it runs on 230VAC. Well I need to convert that to DC and get it down to 12v.

    First instinct was to stick a bridge rectifier on there, then i realised i aint got a 230v power supply in the car.

    So i thought why not add an invertor to give me 230VAC.

    Then it hit me, to power the invertor, i would need to use the 12VDC from the battery.....well theres my 12v power supply

    So, i took the playstation apart, made a few alterations to the power supply board, brought some power rails out the back of it and stuck it on the tray below the glovebox. Spent ages trying to find a decent switched 12v wire in the loom there but gave up after a while.

    So I pulled some wires from under the steering wheel and got a 12v line. Then i spliced another wire onto that and fed past the back of the headunit all the way to the glove box. I attached the PS2 to the cable, then run another cable from the passengers front wheel arch for my earth and connected that to the PS2.

    Turned on ignition and grinned as my PS2 powered on. Result.

    The missus wasnt comfortable with the PS2 being in the car on display, so for now I have removed this.


    Right, was at a boot sale about a week ago and saw a goodmans 7" screen that has to be used in conjunction with a certain goodmans DVD player. Bought it for ?25.

    Got home, connected it to my power supply and tested it. Screen was black & white and really shaky. Oh well. It came with a velcro strap attached to it, so i cut it off and used a router to make a a mounting plate for it.

    Next I needed to attach it to the dashbaord. Drilled through the heater selector dial and got a 1" M5 bolt and mounted it to the dial. Now I can just slide the monitor over the bolt and it sits loverly.

    Then I cant the cables off the monitor and ran a new RCA socket lead from behind the glovebox and through the hole for the cigarette lighter. The then connects to the monitor via a removable S video connector which can carry audio, video, and power. Then I connected the monitors power to the same wires used by the Playstation2. Connected the RCA output of the PS2 to the monitor and the headunit and now I can play DVD's in the car

    I have also removed this now as I have the DV725 installed. The old screen will either be sold, get attached to the baby's cot so he can watch his cartoons in bed, or be put in the back of the car

    GPS Tracker

    Right, got myself a Cobra GPS Tracker fitted to the car now. Wired it up to the 12v from the back of the headunit. Cant say too much on this one but if the car is stolen, hopefully i'll get it back asap

    Still got this installed. Also got a backup lithium battery inside so if the car battery, or the power cables are removed, it alerts the car as stolen

    Bumper/Wheel Arch

    Was told on the AC forums to use a heatgun to blacken them up. Didnt have one so tried the hairdryer. No good. Then got a soldering iron with a heat gun attachment. 20 minutes later they were looking good as new. Done this last night and will go over them again tonight.

    Also see a nasty scratch going on the bumper that had been cut into possibly by brickwork. Heated this up and ran my ginger over it to try and smooth it out a bit so its not as noticable.

    Tried a proper heatgun on these and it didnt last too long. I then used black boot dye and it has lasted just avoer a month now with no fading

    To Do List:

    Media Switch

    Got myself an audio/Video selector. This will be attached to the underneath of the tray below the glovebox and will haave the monitor and PS2 wired into it. Then I can add some other things to it when I get the time.

    Surplus to requirements

    Rear Bumper Camera

    Will put a bullet camera in the rear bumper and wire the power to the reverse lights. Then need to run the video feed up to the switcher to be installed So I'm able to switch to and from the camera.

    This is now done and wired into the DV725 which automatically comes on when I go into reverse gear. Can also be set to show the camera image whilst driving normally. Hole in the bumper is about 2-3mm wide so very unnoticable

    Back Seat Camera

    Another camera Im still waiting to install is a mini IR covert point camera. This will be attached to the boot door facing towards the front of the car allowing me to keep on eye on the baby in the back whilst driving. Power will come from where ever I can find a power source, or may have to run a new one. Video will also be run to the media switch under the glovebox.

    Still waiting to find a camera small enough for this

    Wheel Trims

    Will get myself a set of cheap wheel trims ?10 a set. Not fussed what ones I get because the current ones are horrible and scratched.

    Got these now, see pics.

    I have now taken these wheels off and swapped with a set of 14" alloys

    Will attach some pictures later today. Will try and get some on my lunch break.

    Got myself a new shiney exhaust (trim)

    Got some new skull dust caps

    Installed a cigarette lighter

    Installed a boot light and switch

    Replaced the numberplate light

    Claybar'ed the whole car and polished it up nicely

    Bought a new battery

    Got red steering wheel cover

    Red Seat covers

    New wingmirror

    Painted the interior to match the Flame Red

    Installed red LED lights behind the heater panel, instrument panel and the MFD

    Installed new alarm system myself

    Got a mini amp under the glovebox running to 2 Kenwood 6x9's in the parcel shelf

    Also wired in my own 'lights on' relay buzzer.

    New windscreen wipers

    Flocked front door cards

    New set of 14" alloys

    Flocked sunroof surround

    Correct 30 July 2010

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    Good plans bud! Sounds like you good with the old wireing! maybe you could tidy mine up!!



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      As long as I know what im working with im good with wiring. But trying to find the 12v from the glovebox was a biatch. Ended up getting a knife and slicing into each cable and poking a voltmeter into them to see what they were. Found bugger all, thats why I went for the steering wheel


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        cig lighter wire?


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          Not got a cigarette lighter fitted. Cheap *******s capped the whole off with a plastic cap Bought a pack of 10 disposible lighters last week and put them in the glovebox. Got 2 left now


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            the wireing will still be there, i found it in my old 8v!



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              Any idea what colours they are? I been looking for ages and cant find it. I tested all yellow, brown and red cables and found nothing


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                the wiring for it should still be there behind the gromit, it may however be taped out of the way.

                just a case of down to the breakers for the unit and then wire in
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                  Borrowed from another AllCorsa post

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                    yeah its a brown and black cable, did you have the ignition on when testing? i think it only works when key is in?



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                      Originally posted by Bradders
                      yeah its a brown and black cable, did you have the ignition on when testing? i think it only works when key is in?

                      Correct the Cigg Lighter will only work with Ignition switched on
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                        Yeah the plan was to have the ignition on when finding a 12v line, then when i found one, turn the ignition off and see if the voltage drops. Then I know if its switched.

                        Having a bit of trouble figuring out what that is sticking off the lighter socket. Looks like the antenna for the radio, with the ground wire connected to it......dunno


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                          yeah it is the ariel cable for some reason i think its just hanging next to it and looks connected but its just an earth cable hanging out with a plug on the end!



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                            Ah right, gotcha. Right, im going for a smoke and will try take some pics whilst im gone. will upload them on here when i get back in a minute.


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                              Smoking with a baby! Tuttut!!