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  • [Traitor Car] Octavia vrs

    Got a really good deal on this last night

    Seems a really good car so far, drives really well and pulls even better, only things are clutch is high but not slipping at all and goes into gear spot on

    Has a quite a bit of white smoke from exhaust, only comes out when you come to a stop at traffic lights or a junction that's when the smoke appears but it is a cold day and no sign of water/oil mixing or coolant loss but I'll keep an eye on it

    It's really tidy for its age and interior is really nice, few exterior marks but nothing major really

    Anyway, plans will be gradual though but plans are:
    Full stealth (wheels, windows, grill etc all black)
    Maybe coilovers
    Wind deflectors
    Remove towbar
    Exhaust (exhaust has a nice note but still very quiet)
    Maybe some other things not decided yet
    Maybe a new headunit because I don't know how to work the 6cd changer lol

    Car has a massive boot which would rival some estate cars

    Anyway some pics

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    Nice looking car dude! Really like how the skodas look.


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      Wheels look familiar

      Good choice. What's the mileage & MOT like?


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        127k mot til March but my astras mot was up in March too
        Really enjoying drives this tbh


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          Someone I work with has a VRS, seats are really comfy to sit in and his is blue.

          He loves it, not that keen on your seats in it though.


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            These seats are very comfy, very firm too


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              Won't take much to get this looking really good as well. Easy mods like paint the rest of the grill matt black where the chrome is, Depo style headlights, fly eyes rear etc would all look good.


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                That's the plan but I'll fly eye fronts and spray rears likewise saab

                Not sure of coilovers now as it scrapes over bumps etc


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                  Next weekend going to spray grill and maybe service car weather dependant, going to get a really good clean and paintwork touch up

                  I'm actually wanting to keep this car


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                      Has it already got a cone filter or something on it? Just noticed the aftermarket looking alloy pipe to the right.


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                        I think so yes, sounds great and engine pulls and sounds awesome


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                          Hopefully going to get a lot done on car tomorrow, plans include:
                          Remove towbar
                          Replace a crankcase pipe
                          Replace thermostat
                          Try sort cd changer
                          Front tyres are leaking air, last owner said the bead was leaking but who knows, going to take to tyre place see what they say

                          Many plans and not much time but once all that's done it's onto painting parts


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                            Didn't get a lot done that I wanted to do but got a load of little jobs done,

                            Towbar, stat and service not done because towbar was a big job and stat is a pain to get to and after a lengthy discussion we decided it didn't need changing just yet lol

                            Sorted the cd changer which meant buying another for a tenner which sorted the problem, I managed to change crankcase breather but had to bodge it as the bottom hose it connected to had also perished away meaning it was shorter than it should be but I got it sorted
                            Managed to changed a load of bulbs (sidelights, number plate and interior) the side lights are the super super bright ones I bought ages ago but didn't work on my saab due to the Canbus

                            Found out that nsf coil spring has snapped at the top, which isn't a problem but each spring is 49quid and I will need to do both at same time for good practice, but I can get 4 40/45mm lowering springs brand new for 87 quid from same place selling standard springs so I think I'll go for lowering ones ready for mot in March


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                              I have a pic of the sidelights but its blurry because of how bright the bulbs are, they don't dazzle/blind other road users before anyone asks lol ill upload a pic now