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Scxy Arden Blue Corsa B 1.4 16v Sport

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Scxy Arden Blue Corsa B 1.4 16v Sport

    Hi Guys,

    Just quick introduction!

    Bought myself a 1.4 Corsa B Sport in arden blue as a cheap run around to replace my previous car (Astra g turbo Cabby- linea rossa edition) as I had to sell due to paying for a wedding this year! just meant to run it around on the cheap but really loving the car and how nimble it feels and although big drop in performance doesnt feel that slow as long as you get the right gears.

    Here are my previous cars:

    First car was a Astra F 1.6 8V

    Another mk3 astra this time with a 2.0 8v!

    mk 4 astra SXI 1.6 16v

    And my last car

    I will get some pictures up of my new car asap for you but how the car stands at the moment:

    induction kit- was already fitted, will probably change back to a box so if anyone has a spare one lying around let me know!

    colour changing bulbs in MFD- a small personal touch which is really a standing joke with friends as back when we were 18 we all did this to all our cars.

    has a rust hole in drivers front wing- have a replacement to go on

    quick list of plans are as follows:

    Smoothed boot to replace current rusty one, just needs a respray

    good quality backbox just to smarten the rear end up

    service, cambelt and waterpump- parts ordered

    new wheel arch trims to go on- not sure whether to colour code, gloss black or just leave for the time being

    lowered 40mm when some good quality cheap springs come up.

    replace front door speakers with pioneer ones I have removed from parcel shelf and replaced with some fusion ones I had lying around

    maybe spray interior plastics gloss black just to smarten up

    replace interior bulbs with whiter leds

    Would love to go "carzy" with this car but as mentioned I have a wedding to pay for which is hard enough without spending money on other things too so it will be small updates as and when I can get some extra money or I can sell bits I have lying around!

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    Your first astra was the same as mine


    Written it off now and have a pineapple yellow sport instead
    [CENTER][FONT=arial black][URL=""][COLOR=#0000ff]My Corsa B X10XE Project[/COLOR][/URL][/FONT][/CENTER]


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      I really liked that car, nice colour I thought!

      Hit a deer with mine (animal not pensioner) and wasn't worth repairing as the white one came along.

      Pineapple sports are lovely! was going to go back to a mk3 but thought id give a corsa a go


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        So started sanding down the boot. Seems in ok condition and am now ready to primer.

        quick check to make sure I like the look of it.


        also starting to prep the arch trims but still not sure whether to go gloss black or Arden blue. Will do the bumper trim to match.

        decided I want cav expressions alloys for it. I know they are quite hard to find but there's no rush and will just keep an eye out


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          I'm sure most people know what an Arden blue sport looks like so won't bore you but here's a picture of the current boot and also the rust hole in the wing.



          just ordered led sidelight bulbs and also for interior light as well as led numberplate bulb.

          the adaptor for the front speakers should be delivered too soon, so will have a go at wiring those in. The rear speakers wires were simply twisted together and then heat shrunk over so will have to redo those and neaten the wires up too.


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            Just won set of 40mm gmax springs for 8 quid. Should smarten it up a little. Anyone else have gmaxx? Any good?


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                Cheers dude, 40mm will have to do for the moment partly as most of the roads I use are back roads and not very well maintained so will prevent any bottoming out issues. I thought for 8 quid, worst comes to worst I can always sell on and get some different ones. Would love some Bilstein shocks to go on too, but not yet...


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                  looks llike a tidy project not a fan of the fully smoothed boot lid semi smoothed looks well ive an arden blue corsa b aswell not half as clean as yours
                  ya got them springs for a bargain


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                    Cheers dude. Completely agree, would much prefer semi smoothed, but this came up cheaper than any of the replacement boots I could find and popper is already all wired up so saves me a few quid.

                    Love be arden blue as a colour and some great inspiration on here! Just needs a little tidying up ad should be ok.


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                      Originally posted by dexter101 View Post
                      Cheers dude. Completely agree, would much prefer semi smoothed, but this came up cheaper than any of the replacement boots I could find and popper is already all wired up so saves me a few quid.

                      Love be arden blue as a colour and some great inspiration on here! Just needs a little tidying up ad should be ok.
                      handy enough then as it came up cheap,, it does make life much easier when popper is installed i used an door solenoid and wired to my rear wiper so when ya pushed the stalk forward it would pop the boot
                      have a look at sams arden blue corsa b car is mint he has it up for breaking now unreal shame but a serious credit to him


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                        So got an evening free tonight, plan is to rewire rear speakers so they wont come loose, wire in some cheap pioneer speakers into the front. I also currently have two keys, one for the drivers door and one for everything else... so taken the locks of my old corsa redtop project and will be changing them over. also had a set of the grey clocks with orange needles (cant remember what they are off?!) going to swap the grey trim over but leave my current clocks so the mileage is correct and not really a fan of the orange.

                        Plan for sunday is oil and filter change, cambelt, waterpump, fuel filter change and hopefully quick look at the rear brakes. not worked on this engine before so looking forward to it.

                        Will get some pictures up tonight.


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                          quick tip if ya havent any speaker adapters if theres standard speakers brake the speaker part out and you can use them its what i did,,the clocks you have are from a tigra grey insert round dials and orange needles


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                            Ah cheers dude, thats a very good tip, wish I had posted earlier as just had ebay ones delivered. only 9 quid so not the end of the world.

                            Thats the ones, bought them for the redtop project... but cant remember why!

                            can you paint needles or does it affect the speed etc they show?


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                              ah i didnt have the time to wait for new ones so made do with what i had
                              ive seen a few people paint the needles but gave them a real good sanding take a good bit off them ie.. making them ever so slightly lighter so when there painted there matching it for weight so what they remove and when sprayed kinda matches up