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My corsa b 1.0 12v

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] My corsa b 1.0 12v

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    picked one of these up today tigra coin tray holder nice little addition to have as i dont have the centre console with the small pocket in it

    my next hunt is a pair of these as i have the full rest of the interior but two odd front seats one blue and black passenger seat from a chapion model and a drivers seat fron a tigra,,
    but if i can find a match i'll replace the whole interior for one from another model or something


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      Were electric windows offered from Opel on these as an option or did someone fit them after?


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        Originally posted by zuluman View Post
        Were electric windows offered from Opel on these as an option or did someone fit them after?
        they were i'd pressume as ive seen a few others with them aswell this is originally polar sea blue and a champion model corsa so would have been a higher spec corsa than the average 1.0 12v also having electric mirrors they are all as standard they weren't fitted by somone all original wiring and winders and electrics
        aswell as a sunroof which is manual but i am going to make it electric if i can


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          well havent had much time to get round to doing much on the car all ive done so far is cut the stupid rear lip off the back bumper and give a good wash and a hoover inside needed it badly paint is crap chipped and peeling very poor paint job will at some stage get it repainted it original colour polar sea blue have a set of standard rear light got and a new rear bumper post 97 spec well a few pictures to keep the thread going

          before the nasty rear lip

          and after much better and looks cleaner just need rid of them rear lights excuse the big back box trying to get something a bit more subtle and nicer looking


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              liking the updates, which part of ireland you located, having a time finding decent parts around the dublin county north area.


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                cheers, im down in wexford ah i had awful peoblems trying to source parts thats why i bought a whole car for parts some people think these are worth a fortune for breaking €50 for a pair of rear lights €60 for a set of arches €45 each headlight i bought the whole car for €200 and there was a brand new rad in the front of it


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                  u got any idea when my grill is coming mate? cant inbox u as it says you need to clear some messages to receive more


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                    well not much has happened to the car lately as funds are desperate with the wedding and doing bits and pieces at the house however i booked the car in for its nct (mot) its booked for the 27th of this month and i've alot to do and such limited cash need to sort manifold gasket as its blowing i tdidnt have one when i took the cat and mid pipe out to weld it so made a carboard one hoping it might just last it did for nearly 2 weeks hen started to blow .

                    need 2 tyres as at the minute its on x3 13" steelies and a 15" alloy on the back need headlights alligned and remove my hids so hopefully my next update will be a good one fingers crossed

                    after i have car all sorted im sticking it up for sale and moving onto a new corsa after looking at marks corsa c and the couple he has had and from looking at them ive decided i want one
                    but ive been warned i must get a 4dr from herself as she keeps hitting her head when putting the little one in the back so im going to see if i can get my hands on a 4dr sxi or similar

                    thats it for now