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Arden blue - the daily hack!!

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  • [Corsa B] Arden blue - the daily hack!!

    Picked this up a few days ago for a bargain price (been told not to say how much)

    I know the car pretty well as it belonged to Bradders on here,Was covered in ten tonne of dirt when I collected it, interior is pretty tatty and smells abit dodgy.
    Bought with a running problem, which I'll look into when I can be bothered, but problem last around 2 mins when started from cold then drivers perfectly, so I'm not all that bothered.

    This is just to last me until my car is ready, as I havnt had a car for the laast two winters! I may end up keeping it afterwards for commuting, for now its just a tidy up and maybe some mods.

    anyway, I took it down to get cleaned (I havnt ever taken my car here, but whole point of this car is not to worry about scratches etc)
    some pics after i got it wasahed.

    First job on car, changed the fooked airbag
    from this

    to this

    Which I had as spare from Dragons old car

    Big job done today..

    Since buying the car there's been no numberplate light, which was odd as was a brand new lens on it..

    So I went out there, torch in hand. Screwdriver in other. I'm
    Very good with electrics, so hopefully this will help somebody.

    1. Prise up newly replaced lens
    2. Plug it in.
    3. Relax, job fixed

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    Ill try get some pictures tomorrow.

    More importantly, there is a problem with condensation. I have puddle on dash after leaving for few days, and wipe off huge amounts of water..

    Bought a pollen filter, after that if it continues ill be looking at door seals etc.

    I also
    Lifted rear wiper up, and the blade and part the wiper fell
    Off without even touching it :/
    Today I replaced pollen filter.

    Then looked at why horn wasn't working, and found it was hard wired into this aftermarket thing, which promptly got binned. not need proper plug for the horn so I can plug it in.

    probably wasnt helping...

    Here's the mini loom created to go from the original two wire horn, to the two wire after market horn, simple right?

    3 wires, yellow one connected to nothing either end, other two had chopped off wires coming out of them? wtf?

    Oh, and washer pump wasn't spraying water either. Is had some how previously snapped in half tjhe hose, and had been bodged with some kind of hose bandage, which had them fell apart again.

    Can't wait for the MOT

    New drivers seat bought.
    New rear seat base bought
    Uncut parcel shelf bought. Total 30.

    Hopefully stop this car stinking. How the FUXK
    Anyone can surround themselves with such filth is beyond me

    Airbox and new filter on

    Looks like there isn't an Inlet manifold gasket..

    Just looked.
    There is a gasket on top of half another gasket which wasn't removed properly,

    Put back together and inlet bolt snapped, so now huge air leak and revs to 5k..

    An had to chisel one bolt off as was rounded off fully

    Air leak fixed.

    Got old snapped stud out. Went Vauxhall and they ordered wrong studs, but correct nuts.

    Searched around for a thread that matches in garage: way to long and rusty.
    Sawed bolt down to correct size. Got out the tap and dye set, and re-threaded it.
    All is good now, and no more air leak.

    Then removed drivers seat, swapped pre-tensioner onto
    New seat and fitted and hovered under it. Much cleaner.
    Then swapped rear bench over and cleaned all around there.

    New seats have some dog hair on, but won't come off with hover, so
    Will get a brush onto it. Whole car smells so much nicer though!

    Next up manky gear stick gaitor


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      Passed MOT no advisories, deposits things obviously being wrong :/

      Done this.

      Cost 1.80 but I got 2 pairs for 3



      Old not matching rear dampners

      The cause of ****ed tracking constantly, despite Richard taking to different mechanics, none of them could see this :/

      Broken down, driveshaft popped out and got recovered.

      New shaft and balljoint and all is fine again

      All caused by a ball joint I have here....

      Post 97 is the bigger one

      EGR blanked off, what a ****.


      And fitted.

      Will out tutorial up soon


      The other one used to rattle its tits off, until you turned it slightly, then it would work its way back and rattle like a **** **** again.

      Lets see you rattle
      Now you ****

      Flat tyre today, has a massive gash out of the side of it.

      Replaced for a larger profile, gone for 195/50/15, this is a work car and I need to remember that, so comfort and cheapness is ideal I have another money Pitt.

      Just ordered some
      Rainsports 2's, which I use on Vegas, and are awesome. Come in at 72 delivered. Bargain.

      For now I've borrowed a Cesaro from the
      Mrs car, so I can get to work.

      eBay special

      Also done this while wheel was off, brand new drums but last owner didn't paint them. So gone pure orange


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        Flat paint, white specs on others is cleaning them.

        Silver where wheel weights were

        How to bodge it when arch disaapears and takes bolt with it

        New rear shoes

        I prefer

        New rear shoes

        I prefer


        Rear spring on drum had snapped in half (possibly to to small accident I had months ago) just got that fitted whilst was having the above tyre changed (20) saves me messing about.

        Drivers tyre is nearly as bad as one able though so I need that doing.

        Just waiting for laser alignment at moment.


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          Any power plans for this?
          Originally posted by Vegas
          When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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            Not at all. It's just the daily, I'm not getting involved in a second project, I love parking this up and leaving it without a second thought. Despite fact it's done 140,000 its still very reliable. I'm just maintaining it


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              Nice, i bet looking after this costs pocket money compared to the Vegas
              Originally posted by Vegas
              When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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                This whole car cost a 1/4 of just my fuel system.

                When you look at it like that, you realise what a waste of money


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                  It's not about the money it's about the love.
                  Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi - New Car
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                    Been to elite, the tracking is faked. Said been in accident. One wheels sits at front of arch one sits at back. Camber is ****ed majorly so is toe :/


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                      Definitely wasn't brad's fault. must have happened with rich
                      Originally posted by Vegas
                      When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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                        Ill post a pic of tracking when I get it back its laughable.

                        Told then to make as good as they can, and ill either have a look or just leave it


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                          As good as its going to get until issue investigated.
                          Last edited by Vegas; 16-07-2013, 03:52 PM.


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                            ****ing hell thought mine was bad.

                            Feel better?
                            Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi - New Car
                            Black 1.2 Corsa SXI Project - Sold
                            Aruba Blue 1.0 Corsa Project - Sold


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                              Over 2.5 degrees camber.
                              That must eat through tires.