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Samos Focus 2.0 zetec

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  • [Traitor Car] Samos Focus 2.0 zetec

    Well I bought this as a cheap get around, came up for sale at work at a low price. Plan is to keep it for a while do it up, and hopefully sell at a small profit when I have enough saved up for something more fun.


    - Full service
    - New brakes
    - Replace ball joint and drop links (can here front wheel knocking)
    - coil over suspension (current suspensions is goosed and ride height feels ridiculous)
    - Sort out bodywork scuffs, scratches and rust patches

    That's probably it, no major mods. This car is just for some (hopefully) cheap motoring


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    Instead of coilovers get new standard shocks and eibach springs slightly lower but still comfortable, what mine had.
    Also split your headlight and depo look them lol


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        Ah right, I don't know what these cost but they gave a good ride


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          Should of bought a Corsa


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            What's the miles on it Samo?

            Service sounds like a good shout but wouldn't pour too much into it as it's an older car and it looks like some panels might need a fully respray to full sort out the rust and scuffs.


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              82000 it has service history but defiantly needs a good service. I'm planning on doing some mighty car mods style panel repairs and see how it goes.


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                Got a long weekend coming up. I've just ordered -

                Coil Overs
                Service kit
                Brake pads and discs
                Track rod
                Ball joint
                Tie rods
                Oil sump

                Will also be respraying both bumpers and rear arches. Should be looking good this time next week. Then I'll be looking to sell in the next few months


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                  Should pull your money back Samo quite a favourite car for most


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                    Havent updated this in a while. No pictures at the moment as Iphone is goosed.

                    Car took a lot longer than I expected to sort out. a lot of the parts were so rusted in it was easer to eventually go to a breakers and replace the hubs. With this Car Ive learnt, Fords are crap to work on and rust to ****.

                    Anyway -

                    Ive replaced
                    front wishbones
                    track rods
                    ball joints
                    tie bars
                    brakes - Disks and Pads
                    new oil sump
                    new plugs
                    fitted new boot - rust free

                    I'm currently layering filler primer over the rear arch, where its scratched, They are a lot deeper than I initially thought. Once that's sprayed it will be up for sale.