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Wire Tucked 5dr C20xe

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Wire Tucked 5dr C20xe


    Here is a summary of where im up to with my c20xe corsa.

    If your interested here is the full progress thread on the other forum
    My 5door student budget stealth project!!

    So the spec so far is this.

    Early c20xe
    F20 gearbox
    stainless 4-1 manifold
    tx autosport alloy radiator
    tx autosprt stainless oil breather
    js performance silicone hoses
    many other shiny bits
    Engine bay fully smoothed and painted in metallic purple
    header tank, battery, lights loom etc all hidden from view
    2.0 brakes
    Gaz coilovers
    HRS alloys painted in metallic purple
    Toyo Proxes t1-r 205/45/15
    body vinyl wrapped in matte black
    gsi front bumper
    digi dash
    sports steering wheel
    ... thats all i can think of for now

    Here are some pictures. (The purple is ridiculously hard to pick up in pictures lol)

    Im currently in the final stages (hopefully) of getting it running and 'finished'


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    Welcome to the site mate!!! Really like this car


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      Good to see you've signed up here as well mate, was enjoying your thread on the other site.

      Do you know if the loom you're using can be modded for the Corsa B or will you get a Cavalier / Calibra one instead?


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        cheers guys , yeh its looking like i will have to get a cav/calibra loom


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          The colour scheme is amazing
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            Tiny Winy bit of progress,

            ]"]ERROR: The request could not be satisfied

            throttle body adapter, fuel lines sorted and new vacuum pipe.

            ive also got a new loom which hopefully be the right one



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              welcome... that should look good once your done


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                Any updates? Haven't heard from this in a while
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