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  • [Traitor Car] Michaels EP3 Hugo

    Hi all!

    So, I may not have sold my fiesta (yet), but my wifes car sold on Tuesday night, freeing up the funds for me to purchase this wonderful beast!

    Meet, Hugo (named by my wife as apparently the number plate looks like Hugo Boss)

    It's like nothing I've ever driven before! The feel is fantastic! Considering everyone says they have no torque, it pulls really well in 6th gear from 30

    A few things on the list to get done are, rear brakes need sorting (warning light comes on when turning sharp), Tracking needs adjusting, alloys could do with a bit of a refurb and a new driver side headlight as the current one has gone that horrible "old plastic" colour!
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    Very nice! I've always like these cars. Insurance was always a ***** for me too.
    Originally posted by Vegas
    When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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      The no torque is normally said by the diesel crowd, generally followed up with horsepower wins arguments and torque wins races or over such rubbish. The vtec engine actually has a very flat torque curve and the high revving engine makes it excellent for a hot hatch.

      Anyway looks very nice.
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          I now have a fully lit and working dash


          And, I added my go faster stickers


          And finally, a little shot of my (presumably) build number


          Replacement headlight is on the way. Sadly, it's not facelift...yet.
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            Nice cars, not sure I like the gear knob placement


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              That's one of my favourite features :-) so much more ergonomical
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                Always liked these.

                Looks wise I've never liked the gear knob and dash though. But from speaking to people who've owned a Civic they say the location of the gear knob is brilliant.
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                  nice car man, cant wait to drive my civic and experience the k20!


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                    Very nice. What sort of MPG are you getting?
                    I get around 23-26

                    As for the gear stick. It is very comfortable. If only all cars had it there.


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                      I honestly have no idea at the moment haha!
                      The fuel gauge is pretty intermittent. It suddenly dropped from a tank to half after 60 miles, and now it's been working it's way back up :-P

                      I'm hoping I'll at least get 300 miles showing on the trip before it runs out :-D it's gonna be a massive shock when it's nowhere near what I got in the Fiesta haha
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                        Mine's usually quite good on fuel if I don't push it into vtec. On motorways I get close to 30mpg.


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                          Well so far my fuel gauge is showing just over 3/4s and I've done about 95 miles, i haven't been VTECing much either. I'm gonna see how this fill up goes and either cry, or be pleasantly surprised
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                            Just a quickie...I had a go at the small patch of rust that was underneath the nearside Skirt...turned out to be more than "just surface rust".

                            Needless to say, Im sure that a small section of Fibre glass weights less than steel, so, weight reduction Yo!!

                            As it's under the skirt I touched it up with Hammerite, so, all should be good I'm pleased at least!
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                              ALSO, the reason I didn't notice the handling etc when I test drove the car is because the previous owner had inflated the tyres to a lovely 46 PSI
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