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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Stes 1.0 Project

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    thats alot of mayo under that cam cover, what mods have you got planned for it?


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      Welcome along.
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        Originally posted by DanRichards View Post
        thats alot of mayo under that cam cover, what mods have you got planned for it?

        Thats what worries me !

        I'm not too sure yet, I want to get it on the road before I start modding it.

        There's a crack in one of the rear lights, so probably going to replace them with Euro style lights, Going to clean and possibly blank off the EGR valve.

        Going to plasti-dip the wheels tomorrow if I get time, to tide me over till I can get some nice wheels.

        Other than the paint work, and the few mods above I'm probably just going to stick standard outside and have a nice interior.


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          Don't look a bad buy for that money

          Welcome to the site


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            Managed to borrow the Snap-On Ethos scanner from work, so will get to the bottom of the engine problem later ! Will also have a quick check to see why my passenger side speakers aren't working.


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              Didn't manage to get much done earlier before it got dark.

              I managed to clean all the white stuff off the steering wheel, I have no idea what it was...

              Used some asda smart price 'All Purpose Cleaner' diluted with warm water, scrubbed it with a scouring pad them steam cleaned it.

              The same stuff is all over the drivers side door handle aswell.

              I also managed to have a quick look at the rust...

              It's not the worst I've seen, but its certainly not good... Will be getting some quotes off the local garages tomorrow, if they're too dear I'll do it myself.

              On the positive side, I managed to find out what was wrong with the engine, using this little beauty I borrowed from work.

              It has two faults, the first was an EGR Valve error code, the second being 'O2 Sensor Voltage Low'.

              This car has the little X10XE engine in it, is it better to just clean the EGR and refit or to blank it off using one of the cheapy eBay blanking plates ?

              I also managed to win a set of rear lights off eBay 10 miles away, for 99p ! So I can replace the one that has been cracked+ repaired with glue.


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                I would say egr is faulty try giving it a good clean as they stick the O2 sensor could be linked


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                  All that white stuff in the cracks is just general grime and skin etc.

                  Not very nice I know lol. Get it in my Partner's 2011 Corsa too, I just make sure I scrub it with baby wipes relatively regularly to prevent it from building up.
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                    Busy day today, Managed to replace the manky old brake discs + pads with new ones.

                    And managed to get the wheels plasti dipped.

                    Gonna get the car into work sometime this week and hopefully tackle the welding, then need to replace a split CV Boot, and get it insured next week ready for its MOT.


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                      I saw this bad boy on Gumtree or it might have been EBay! Looked a right peach, I'm glad the person that got it is sorting it, has some right good potential this car!