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  • [Corsa C] Aruba Blue Corsa C [2001 1.0]

    QHi, I've already rattled out many posts in forum and think it's time I combine some ideas I have picked up and do a little work on my very OEM corsa. (Forgive me if these seems like a one sided conversation, this is a restore of my project thread).

    Not going to "mod" as hardcore as most you guys, but was thinking of doing the following.

    Car after a clean/restore/polish/wax and new trims

    * = Completed

    * G3, Polish & Wax
    * Back to Black
    * Replacement Trims
    * Better wiper arms, blades.
    * Clean grease/ old oil leak out engine bay
    * Change number plates (UK one’s)
    * Reg plate LED’ bulbs
    - Rerun with Megs Restore.
    - Rerun with a swirl remover.
    - Rerun with black trm restore.
    - Spray and fit replacement toe eye cover.
    - Missing rubber cover for front wiper motor.
    - Tinted rear windows
    - Paint wiper arms/replace
    - Boot Popper / Sprayed grab handle
    - Wind deflectors - maybe

    * New pedals
    - Clean oily mess from inside of doors
    * Grease squeaky seat belts and tighten door hinges
    * Better Tax disc/parking disc holders.
    - Steering Wheel
    - Gearstick
    * Replace all interior bulbs to blue LED / White for the dash.
    - Footwell Blue LED's
    - Replace Doorcards.
    - Spray Centre Dash.
    * Aftermarket stereo
    * Stereo Facia/Kit
    * Stereo Ariel Adaption to ISO
    * Sort Car microphone wiring to be hidden
    - Remove Dalmatian cars/service stickers
    - Door pins
    - Tweeter panel

    Faults - Over time:
    * Oil pressure switch
    * Fix Central Locking (Driver side motor failure)
    - Identify & fix drivers side front squeaking (Gone for now)
    - Fix/Replace parcel shelf (One clip broke)
    - Fix/Replace hydraulic lifters
    * Tracking / Wonky steering wheel*
    * Fix driver side inside handle/winder/door card
    * Fix tail light not working (Power/Wire issue) - To solder
    * Whirring/whining noises (Alternator replaced)

    Under consideration
    - New Wheels
    - New Chairs
    - New Front/Rear lights
    - Less worn/ aftermarket front/Spray rear bumpers & wheel arches.
    - Tinted rear windows

    Suggestions welcome, the above are ideas what I want to do, but with regards to what design wise I have nothing in mind as of yet other than silver/black interior.
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    Just trying to sort the god awful noise my doors make when I open them, and the squeak from my seat belt - Much better but I am missing the right tools.

    I used an adjustable spanner / my hands to tighten the bolts in the green circles as these were not tight and would make a loud click when you open door, they is still a minor noise as I need the right screwdriver for the bolt in the green circle to the left.

    Restoring plastics:


    Didnt take many pictures to be honest.

    As you can tell my "Project" thread isn't going to be the coolest lol.


    Adding to OP list Gaiters as mine are in a **** state.

    Well wipers / plate surround turned up today, just waiting on LED's and plates.

    Plate Surrounds (blatant copy of Hjai95's but I like the added minor detail they bring)

    Font Wipers Fitted (They were much easier to install as I expected, I had a bit of trouble as didn't get the instructions and I blame tiredness as I've been up since yesterday! )

    They clean much better than my old set and look more streamline, I hear BOSCH are good so hopefully I wont be changing rubbers all the time and using a load of fluid to compensate for the **** blades I had

    Too tired and too much back pain to do anything else today!. Hopefully St George Plates & LED's come tomorrow and I can look at the wheel squeak/Door lock problem.

    More unfun stuff is I won the bid on a missing toe eye cover (needs spraying) and a spare Coolant tank cap.

    Anyone used the above wipers and have any thoughts on them?


    Just waiting on bulbs now.

    Thanks and Sorry for stealing the above idea Hjai95's, like the subtle added detail.
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      Some images as LED's fitted.

      Despite been gentle the frayed ribbon cable given up when opening the unit and although taped down, semi garbled image (replacement MFD on route).
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      Aruba Blue 1.0 Corsa Project - Sold


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        Well yesterday in the evening sun I had a crap load of bugs and muck on screen from the country road so pulled over to wipe window. Pulled handle to get back in car and the pin dropped and locked all the doors so I was stuck outside my car on the A19 in middle of nowhere with the damn engine on, my iPod on random playing all sorts of **** and my left indicator on and my wallet phone, everything inside.

        tried to force window down (was 1 CM open) in order to maybe get an arms width of space, couldnt happen, looked on road side for a wire or something, nothing.

        Tried to flag cars down for nearly an hour before someone turned over. Think out of 50cars, 40 pretended I was invisable and rigidly stared forward (****s) and the rest bar 1 looked at me confused. a familty in Skoda pulled over in the end and took me to the nearest village, and then with enough pursaition managed to get the pub to let me use the phone to ring 118118 so I can get Admiral breakdown to come get me (Which is **** because they are closed - what is the point in having breakdown if they work 9-5?).

        The same family had waited outside and took me to nearest police station, who said they would probably have to smash window in and would be cheaper than getting the Police to recover and probably ending with me smashing the window anyway.

        Police took a coat hanger and tried to break into my lock but then managed to get it into a shape to fish my key out the ignition and pass them through the gap in the sunroof. The police man/women and that family are legends and although I didnt get home till near enough 11 PM I got home and pretty much damage free and for free.

        So, I need to fix this damn lock before it pulls a stunt like this again. I switch to nights tommorow and will have to stay up all night tonight, hoping I can use last-light to get that door card off and sme WD40 around. if anyone has any images of what to expect underneath and the piece im actually looking for (and what I should do with it) please provide. I'm wondering how I can tell the difference between "stuck" and "broken" when I look at it.

        If its broken I can replace it, but I'll have a bit more understanding when I get inside, but any help is useful to me!

        Tracking sorted today, gotta check it again in 2 weeks as it was see sawing a bit.

        Here is the before and after.

        Was really out on driver side front, hopefully squeak that comes and goes will never return also! steering is now straight and drive feels much nicer.

        Hopefully get the lock/motor out when I get home from work in the morning as sick of bare metal driver side door and door cards and bits in the back.

        Fixed/changed motor as couldn't get mine to unstick but may have a look inside it if I can get into it. Looked like a sealed unit. Went to breakers and rippled one out of a five door. Saw so many dead Corsas and felt a bit sad as they were nowhere near as old. Had all electrical perks and better seats but left to rot.

        I have a few other issues due to my shoddy workmyship and due to the **** quality of plastic. My door card lost many clips coming off including the main clip for the door hand pull handle (not the one that opens latch).

        The door pin is lower so when unlocked still looks looked but it all works. There is no play so don't know how this is out as don't think I could adjust it. Maybe pin inself can be pulled up along cable ?

        Tweeter panel in **** state also. It is on but like door card is a bit flexy since its been pulled off.

        Images to follow but to be honest making a tut for this is complex but I think I'll give it a go. The issue could vary so anyone wanting to get it fixed will have to mess about with the system like I did in order to understand how it works (makes no damn sence when you first lay eyes on it )

        The system itself is pretty simple but on apprences seemed to blow my mind.

        To break it up into visual items you havel

        1) The Motor itself - Sqaure shaped thing with rods and what look like bent tent pegs coming off it
        2) Rod with pin on end.
        3) metal back plate lock holder that sits behind external handle
        3) tent peg hook that connects external handle back plate to motor
        4) tent peg hook that connects internal handle to motor

        Getting it out was a pain at first, but you must accept the whole thing needs to disassembled in order to get it out. I will try and post up more detailed images and a tut in the future if anyone wants help with this issue I am more than happy to help you in the meantime until a guide can be put up (hopefully someone can assist and we can piece up different areas together of the lock system and its faults).[/i]


        Door card and tweeter panel off

        I made a diagram to explain how it works ... I think it is correct but I know jack about cars

        These images make it look easy but I had been awake 2 days and knew jack and spent most the day on this;

        Sealed plastic coating to keep out grime and moisture.

        My tweeter is a bit flexy, the handle I grab to close door is a bit flimsy and door pin is a bit sunken so hard to pull when locked.

        MFD Repair:

        replaced faulty MFD

        Damaged MFD Display (damaged data cable - but with new LED's)

        Cello Tape holding damaged cable in MFD;

        Testing Replacement MFD;

        Bulb Swap to LEDs;

        Remember LED's are directional - one is the wrong way;

        Fitted and managed to get my stero to fit which has not been flush since I bought car - someone made a hash or the wiring.
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          Well a small update - punt for advise.

          Two Faults;

          - Tail light doesn't work, wiring issue as ruled out the rest (Thread up about this).
          - Driver side grab handle has come away in hand - I need a replacement and cant find jack on ebay.

          Good stuff!
          New aftermarket double sized stereo, downsides is I need a £40 kit to get it to be flush and also needed an adapter to get ariel working (which Is done) and I have to learn how to use it. I wish to make it secure somehow from thieves too.

          So until kit is here it looks like this which looks bad lol,

          Vauxhall Vectra 1.9 CDTi SRi - New Car
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          Aruba Blue 1.0 Corsa Project - Sold


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            Looks an alright car to be honest! Something basic which you can't go wrong with. Plans sound good too, a lot of them like mine

            With that mic, I'd move it to the top of the a pillar instead. You'll take it off first time you go to move the visor down.
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              I've not decided where to put it yet lol. Middle of pillar? Yeah could be an idea. Was thinking of getting it all tucked away in my dash somehow. I have plastic repairs to fk first and once I'm happy with setup will run this wire through.
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                Not the middle no, at the top where the wire comes through That's where the actual installations people put them, and it's out of the way etc
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                  Yeah if I sticky pad it could put it there. Just waiitng on kit fir stereo then I can go about sorting this. Scrap yard tomorrow to try find door grab handle for non electric windows. Hard to find. Didn't want to buy red door cards off eBay either...tracking recheck tomorrow too so busy day. May try fix complex tail light issue. Can't win this month!
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                    "Exciting Key Upgrade Diary"

                    Temp Mic location, now fitted properly in very corner of windscreen and wire down the pillar and through dash;

                    Bought stereo, got it wired up properly and adapters etc - Plastic on, not actually fitted solid

                    This also came away in my hand since I damaged it when fixing central locking,

                    Was unable to find a matching one, so this one is going to have to do until I can dye the fabric and clean it up. (Door pin also corrected)

                    Looks straight forward, isn't


                    Changes colour, but pink isn't gay anyway - Now set to blue and white

                    Now for the pain in the arse tail light wiring fail issue, did it in the pissing down rain while sleep deprived using some wire and some easy-fit wire clamps that cut into rubber for you and make the bridge.

                    Left side clamp;

                    Feeding wire though (pain in arse)

                    Right side, pre cut (testing circuit stage)

                    Right side, cut, wire fed and fitted;

                    Not a great image, tail lights working

                    Went for a spin to put some charge back into the batt.

                    Who needs retina's, burn them out with LED's

                    Car as it stands (A19 pulled over to throw up and piss after nightshift - always makes me ill weirdly enough)

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                      Car just had a new exhaust as mine suddenly went.

                      Just a noisy alternative to replace now.

                      Tempted to tint rear windows, what are peoples thoughts on tinting these days? Is it cool still or a dick move?
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                        Tidy car mate keep up the good work


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                          Well gotta do wiring properly, change alt and think grease brake pads. What's going rate for tyres as I need two for back by next month?

                          Happier with it now though, feels smooth and nice to drive again.
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                            All depends on size i paid 35 for a brand new 13" tyre. Dunno exact dimensions but i still have original steelies


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                              nice tidy little motor