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VW Passat SE V6 Highline 30V Estate.

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  • [Traitor Car] VW Passat SE V6 Highline 30V Estate.

    we have been looking for an estate for 6 or so months. double prams, and kids crap doesnt fit in most cars. having sold the statesman and my beater ford fairlane, i began looking properly. this was traded at work, due to a mis diagnosed ecu fault, which was actually a $50 coolant temp sensor. once that was fixed its been fine. ive ordered this lot to get it through the mot.

    Audi VW Volkswagen Timing Belt Kit V6 (Passat A4 A6) AUDITBKIT6 1 $145.19
    Audi VW Tie Rod End - Lemforder 4F0498811 1 $79.95
    Audi Volkswagen Oil Filter - Mahle 078115561JML 1 $10.98
    Audi Volkswagen Valve Cover Gasket Set - Elring 078198025 2 $49.90
    Audi Volkswagen VW Tie Rod Assembly Kit (Pair) - FCP 4B0419801MX2 1 $29.62
    BKR6E V-Power Spark Plug - NGK 6962 6 $13.50

    i also ordered this lot off ebay:
    r line wing badges

    mudflap set

    led kit

    side light bulbs

    metal r line badge for the bootlid. ill be removing all the other badges.

    mine ar missing. p.i.t.a
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    Are MOTs stricter over there Rob?
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      being an se highline, its basically top spec, so in dash 6 disk and tape, elec heated leather, elec roof, climate, c/l with window close, and 40 other things.

      im also trying to decide on wheels.

      pink bentleys:

      or these:

      or some sort of audi rims. any suggestions?

      oh and it looks like this atm:



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        Originally posted by Lee View Post
        Are MOTs stricter over there Rob?
        yeah and no. theres more things to fail on, but theres no emissions test. there is a 3km roadtest too. thank god i can do tests....


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          Who diagnosed the faulty ECU?
          Ate the TDI range popular for modding over there as well?


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            the only tdis here are the 2.5 v6. the 4 pots never came here.

            faulty ecu was diagnosed by a 'vw specialist" its odd because the only code that came up on our vas and on the vcds was the coolant temp sensor. when removed it had rotted away, and when the motor was at 100 deg it thought it was -19 deg...

            i use fcpeuro for parts, and if you buy off them they send you money off codes for your next purchase. the parts i listed at the top would have been $1200 from my work (genuine vw) yet it all cost $411, with $60 postage.


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              Definitely Bentley wheels.

              Also why badge is as an r line?

              I was about to say it needed lowering badly then I realised it was jacked up but yea lowered on Bentley wheels will look great.
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                Bentley wheels ftw not in pink though unless you are going fully 'scene look' lol if not anthracite would look good


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                  3sdm 0.06 and slammed


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                    i like the idea of doing the wheels toyota irving bronze.

                    bentleys seem the go.

                    the plans i have for the interior tie in with the r line badges.


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                      so, this is now doing sterling service as the family bus.

                      local roads....

                      in other news, everything apart from the cambelt and water pump have been done. the boot badges were removed and the r badge fitted.
                      it needs a new battery. it does funny things to the voltage monitoring part of the ecu, and makes it put the trans into a limp mode. stupid thing. battery out is a night mare...

                      and finally, the centre suitcase muffler ended up in the bin. sounds exactly like this:



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                        todays lesson:

                        you can prepare for everything, and yet something will still kick you in the arse.

                        but first, something wonderful:
                        my bosses passat w8. god this thing sounds amazing.
                        anyway onto business.

                        cambelt change.
                        bumper off.
                        forward into service position.

                        thats better...

                        heres the belt. from underneath

                        waterpump, idlers, and tensioner and belt off. note the missing cam pulleys....

                        the pulleys on these are freewheeling, no keyways. a puller is used to pull them forward so they "float" so you can get all the belt slack to the tensioner. smart.
                        apart from when the centre seizes solid to the cam....


                        ... and snaps the pulley clean. there goes $120....

                        and heres a waterpump;


                        and finally some coolant. it should be a clear pink fluid....


                        oh, and because its now waiting 3 days for a pulley i stole this from work. top spec, falling apart.


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                          pulleys turned up, the whole thing got rebuilt and is back to ferrying the kids about. now i can start with wheels and suspension.


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                            I don't know why, but I really like those, I wouldn't buy one myself but for an estate car it's very nice.
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                              its very well built and feels heavy. new vw's dont feel like it. the exhaust is really starting to bed in, it pops and bangs when you let off in 2nd from 5500 rpm.