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Vauxhall Astra convertible 1.8

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  • [Other Vauxhall] Vauxhall Astra convertible 1.8

    As per instruction I'm making a project thread for my new car

    Here it is vvv

    /6D20486A-E13F-435E-A949-0B76D328DE27_zpskm8gaen4.jpg.html]"]Photo Storage
    Half leathers
    /8253228D-5C87-4374-99E1-2677CB1983DC_zpsqon77loh.jpg.html]"]Photo Storage
    Rear .. (Has parking sensor )
    /7E1B8A08-1AC5-49A0-A031-603F8896FE5A_zpsctpocete.jpg.html]"]Photo Storage

    I have plans, I know some of you will think nothing will happen because of my corsa (lol) but I'm hoping for the best .. Need to look after this car

    Anyway here is a non exhaustive list I will think if more/people will suggest
    • 18 inch wheels or zafira/astra gsi 17" wheels either in matching grey or purple (probably grey)
    • Lower . As much as still comfortable
    • Swap out rear speakers as they suck .. Possibly fronts too but I suspect previous owner may have done this as they sound good
    • Coupe spoiler
    • Posable full retrimm in grey /black leather including door cards - this is more of a wish than a plan
    • Irmscher rear bumper spats
    • Subwoofer inside armrest covered with a grill and then with perforated leather (would need to be small) - this is just a possibility obviously ambitious but you never know
    • Irmscher front skirt/gsi bumber
    • Irmscher/ other back box (posable full exhaust) want it to sound better
    • Spray orange In rear light clusters red to match rest if lights
    • Smoked side reps ( as close to car colour as I can)
    • Window tints possibly
    • Posable rear headrests (very expensive)

    Probably some of this stuff is wrong I have only been looking for a few days

    Any opinions on all that are welcome suggestions / constructive criticism too
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    Looks nice. Any more pics?
    With the rear lights, can you not get a version that has no orange in it?
    Originally posted by Vegas
    When I hit boost me fuel runs out


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      Vauxhall Astra convertible 1.8

      Tyres probably fine if it's not losing air.


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        Roof is blue.. Would much rather it be black .. Seen dying stuff like back to black but for fabric roofs .. So that's also on the cards


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          Sometimes it feels like you have put your se tames through Google translate


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            Lol why��?


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              Originally posted by Vegas View Post
              Sometimes it feels like you have put your se tames through Google translate
              Yeah I feel like that sometimes too

              Nice car Dan, look after it!


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                I'm going to look after it .. I have to.. Best car I have had by far


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                  It's a nice car.
                  Be able to make use of having the roof down with some of the good weather we've got left as well.

                  You could get a red Fly Eyes kit to make the rear lights look all red. Much cheapness as well.


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                    I like the colour, I wouldn't mess with dying the roof - I think they have a waterproof coating that you'd probably ruin.


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                      Didn't even think of fly eyes .. How far away will the orange be noticeable or will it change the red currently on there

                      Also jt the roof stuff is also a waterproofer .. Will be cleaning the roof anyway it's filthy


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                        It will make the red look more matt compared to the shiny finish on it just now.
                        You can see it close up but from a distance the orange should be red and not notice it. Costs less than a tenner and easy to remove if you don't like it.


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                          De badge, black gloss wrap /or carbon wrap rear chrome strip?

                          Blue brake calipers ?

                          What's the actual colour name you got there ?
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                            Colour is aparently .. "Silver lightning" looks like smoke grey to me lmao


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                              Just purchased Irmscher rear bumper spats.. Will need spraying up as they are green .. Got them cheap