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96b 1.4 16v in black -> In France

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  • [Corsa B] 96b 1.4 16v in black -> In France

    Alright, well i'll start off by saying I currently live in France, right outside Paris in a town called Antony. Originally from South Carolina, USA I've had a few cars already, mainly civics, all off them modded, engine swapped, lowered and all that jazz. I like to do all the work myself and hardly ever ask for help, seems more of a personal car that way.

    Anyway I just moved to Europe at the end of august and got my first car, an Opel Corsa 1.4i 16v, ya know, the ecotech model. Its got some nice pickup and a decent look already. I've been KILLING this website with searches as well as Google to see what can possibly happen with these cars, and I gotta admit that I do like the look of the car and the possibilities.

    Heres a photo of the the day that I got it, it had some ugly hubcaps on it so i had to take them off and throw them away, one was also missing lol.

    Its in pretty decent shape, one dent on the driver rear quarter panel, havn't tried to take it out yet but the paint isn't chippped so i'll just leave it for now.

    Got lots of plans for this thing tho, first off its gotta be lower, can't stand it sitting that high. Was thinking about going with a 60mm lowering springs and just gonna ride out the shocks on the rear until they die(which won't take to long) then replace with proper.<- chime in if people have had issues with fitting the springs onto stock shocks. Wheels of course, my dream is Volk TE-37's but any 5 thick spoke will probably do.

    Issues with the car now, other then the brake pads/rotors needing changed the car is is pretty good condition. Gear linkage needs to be swapped out as well as the air filter, which i'll probably just switch to a cone filter instead of de-restricting the airbox(honestly I think it looks a bit tacky). Of course all the normal stuff as well, stripping badges, side bumbers, repainting stuff, and interested in adding a GSi spoiler and roof racks(probably not till its lowered).

    Anyway as progress goes along i'll be adding stuff, might be slow at first but there will be lots of photo's of before, during, and after progress.

    Glad to be here and I'm sure i'll be asking alot of questions about these cars as we don't get them in the states(tho its got GM parts all over it lol).

    As it stands now, this will be updated as things progress. as well adding a todo list which i'll keep updated

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    nice work on those bumpers!

    i spy a certain sticker that needs to disappear though
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      lol get me one to replace it with and I will. I got shirts and stickers right before we had the changeover.

      Small update today, just an oil change, Took the car down to the mountains of france and put on about 1700 KM in 4 days, good news was car ran great and gave me no issues, other then a leak from the oil cap b/c i believe i just need to get a new one, gonna replace that shortly.

      End of the month proves promising though as i'll have enough saved up for my coil over system, so that will be installed as well as the new front rotors and pads and gear linkage and bushing, will probably change out the transmission fluid as well since i don't thin its ever been done(210km on clock). Has an issue with going into 5th sometimes, i think its the bushing.


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	41umdVivvrL._SX450_.jpg
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        just ordered these. really needed some, first off cause orange is ugly, but 2nd b/c the passenger side one is completely busted and doesn't work


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          Wow those side markers got here fast. Got them put on and look so much better. No photo but I'm sure we all know what smoked side repeaters look like


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            I don't, pics ?
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              Lol ok lemme get one really fast


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                Click image for larger version

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                Haven't gotten around to getting the glue off the badges yet. Meh will get it one day. Oh and car is dirty lol


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                  Very small update right now as still waiting for the end of the month to order new coilovers. Just reprinted door handles. They were faded and ugly.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374759861.916418.jpg
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                  And after.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	ImageUploadedByTapatalk1374759876.681428.jpg
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                  Just cleans it up a bit. Will be ordering the plasti-dip paint hopefully in September. Then the whole car gets re painted. Steelie refurb coming as well soon


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                    Ok FINALLY got some money together to buy a set of coilovers which were bough today, JOM Blueline, yea i know they aren't the greatest but its something to start with. I literally get 50 euro a month to put aside for car parts lol. Anyway once they show up i'll be adding lots of pics of all the parts i've had lying around waiting for the coilovers.


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                      Click image for larger version

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                      Finally a nice update to be proud off been stockpiling parts just waiting for new suspension. But got it all now. Coilovers, new front rotors and pads, tow strap, new gear linkage and bushings. Now if this heat would break.


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                        ok done some work today as heat finally broke a bit. some before and after shots:


                        and front:

                        and all finished up

                        its dirty as hell as it rained last night, just don't have it in me to wash it right now lol. all in all was easy job, i've lowered civics and integra's before and the front is a pain in the ass on them, but this was STUPID easy, total took about 3 hours would of been faster if i had air tools or even ratchet wrench. looks loads better, gonna be giving the steelies a quick clean and repaint one of these days just to make it look a little better, at least until i get some alloys. next to do is an alignment as its terrible now lol.


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                          Haven't updated in a while. Been saving up for alloys and planning a move to Ireland at the end of the year. Anyone know if there would be any side with bringing my car over. Other then getting it mot and stuff. I don't really know how the Irish system works.


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                            The irish system is a joke tbh, you have to pay vrt which is an absurd amount 6-700(and an illegal tax btw), to get an irish reg. then pay an extra 50 to have it re tested then another 25 if it fails, then tax for a 1.4 is around 130 for 3 months

                            Better to strip your own of the parts you want and buy the car here, a huge selection of opel or vauxhall here


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                              Well I would but I have to drive all our luggage over as my wife is flying with the kids on a cheap flight. Car runs great and no doubt will pass inspection.

                              It's the sorta thing where I have to take it. Might strip it down and sell there to some that wants original left hand drive Opel